Maxis Maxperts: Who Are They & Do You Really Need Them?


Millions of Malaysians wander in and around the World Wide Web craving for one thing – speed. And nothing can be more frustrating than a sluggish or unresponsive Internet connection. While accessing the Internet in this age is no doubt easy, but it’s the speed and stability that matter the most.

The Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) recorded an increase in the number of telecommunications consumers’ complaints received for 2015. A total of 7,326 complaints were received from January 2015 to December 2015 from all over Malaysia, which is an increase of 6.11% from the 6,904 complaints lodged in 2014.

One of the biggest beefs Internet users have with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is poor services. However, sometimes weak Internet connection is not due to poor services by the ISPs, but by poor Wi-Fi set up at home. Or so said Maxis.

One thing is for sure – Internet users should not suffer in silence.

What do Maxperts do?

In March 2016, Maxis launched the brand new MaxisONE Home, which is not very different from the previous Maxis Home Fibre Broadband, except for one thing – the Maxperts.

Maxis has a solution to the Internet problems that plague many homes by offering a dedicated team of Internet experts to help with Maxis Home Broadband users’ broadband setup.

Maxperts currently consist of 32 Maxpert 3-man teams nationwide.

What do they do?
  • One-to-one customisation to understand your family’s Internet needs before setting up your Wi-Fi connection at home.
  • Scan your house to detect possible signal interferences and Wi-Fi blind spots.
  • Optimise your Wi-Fi signal by recommending the best router placement and solutions to increase signal strength and coverage throughout the house for consistent fast Internet speeds everywhere.
  • Set up your Internet with necessary cabling and installations.

The above steps will help these Maxperts to propose the best router placement and suggest if additional equipment is required, such as a Wi-Fi repeater. They will also advise you on the best practices for Wi-Fi security and preventive maintenance steps which you can take to ensure that you will always have the best Wi-Fi at home.

The expected result? You get top-notch Internet connection, worthy of what you are paying for every month.

Maxperts promise to offer better services compared to the Internet technicians you usually get from TIME or TM UniFi.

maxis maxpert

Source: Maxis Malaysia

Sounds good. But can the Maxperts really end all your home broadband nightmares? And do you really need a group of Internet technicians to set up a home Wi-Fi?

How much do Maxperts cost?

The good news is, MaxisONE Home customers will get Maxperts services for FREE, while other packages such as the Maxis Fibre Broadband will be charged RM188 per visit.

Though the 10Mbps package is also available for MaxisONE Home, this package does not come with free Maxperts service.

Maxperts services will only be available for new customers since their work only takes place during installation.

Do you really need Maxperts?

What is the difference between a 3-man team of Maxperts and your regular Internet technician that come with every broadband packages, be it Maxis, TM UniFi or TIME?

The regular guy will come and install your broadband for you and leave, while the Maxperts would be analysing your home and your needs and come up with a better, optimised way to set up your broadband.

If you read between the lines, this also mean the Maxperts would try to upsell certain products that can optimise your Wi-Fi signal, such as a Wi-Fi repeater, or maybe even upgrade the default router.

A note of caution, you will be charged for any other devices that are not included in your package. Though you don’t need to pay for these additional devices upfront when they set it up for you, the cost will be reflected in you next bill.

If you are not keen on bill shocks, always ask if there will be additional cost to anything the Maxperts, or any Internet technician, recommended, for your own peace of mind.

For those living in a one-storey house or a condominium unit, you may not have any issues with optimising your Wi-Fi setup at home, especially if your home has an open floorplan.

However, for those who are living in two-storeys or more houses, or maybe even a duplex condominium, you may need some extra help in boosting your Wi-Fi signal around your home.

Generally, all physical objects, such as walls, glass doors and so on, weaken Wi-Fi signals. Here are a few common reasons for weak Wi-Fi signal at home:

  • Thick walls
  • Large area/home
  • Location of your router
  • Antennae position of your router

These reasons typically cause weak Wi-Fi signals for three-storey home, or a home with too many walls.

If you do find yourself living in areas as described above, it makes sense to have Maxperts to come and evaluate your home and optimise your Wi-Fi setup. At the very least, you will be able to eliminate poor Wi-Fi setup as a reason for Internet drop-outs and disconnection.

For MaxisONE Home subscribers, who will be getting the service for free, it will be a great value-added service. However, if you are required to fork out RM188 for the service, the money could be spend elsewhere, like purchasing a Wi-Fi repeater and installing it on your own with the help of Google.


Good Internet speed is no longer a luxury but a necessity in every Malaysian home. Malaysians can’t live without their latest gadgets and these gadgets would be rendered useless without a good and stable Internet connection.

Maxis Fibre Internet Malaysia offers packages from 10Mbps, all the way to 100Mbps. Though the prices can be quite high compared to TIME broadband, which offers higher speed, the chances of your home being covered by Maxis is much higher.

If you do decide to sign up for MaxisONE Home, consider all aspects of the package, and do not decide solely based on the Maxperts services.

Sure, Maxperts sound like a cool value-added service that you can get for free, but only if the broadband package that you sign up for is suitable for your family’s Internet needs. For heavy data users, no amount optimisation may be able to help you if you sign up for the lowest data plan.

The key to having stable, fast and seamless Internet connection is to choose one that fits your family’s Internet needs.

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