Here Are The Top 8 Movie Streaming Platforms In Malaysia

top movie streaming platforms

If there’s one favourite leisurely pastime Malaysians love doing, other than eating and shopping is that we enjoy the latest TV shows and movies.

According to the Internet Users Survey 2022 by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), over 89.6% of Internet users in Malaysia stream videos and watch online TV as their preferred leisure activity.

This has led to the rise in streaming sites in Malaysia, where we are now spoilt for choices on where to watch our favourite shows and movies.

Movie streaming services available in Malaysia

Not all streaming platforms are created equal, which means you have to choose which one best caters to you and your entertainment needs.

Amazon Prime TV
Requires an Amazon Prime account, but also comes with benefits like expedited shipping (for certain territories) and Twitch Prime.
Apple TV+Apple has thrown a lot of money at getting into the content streaming business. It has engaged a number of popular directors and studios to create original content.
iFlixThis homegrown streaming service was established as Malaysia’s own answer to Netflix. It features a substantial amount of shows from both local and international studios, and has even managed to secure partnerships for original content.
NetflixThe pioneer in online content subscription services, Netflix provides the most polished experience simply by virtue of having the most time to work on the interface.

This service has also been pushing for a greater amount of local content, adding many local movies to its lineup.
Tubi TVThis is an exclusively advertising supported online streaming service. The main benefit is that you do not need an account to watch videos, although it specialises in low budget B-movies.
ViuHong Kong based Viu specialises in streaming Asian content. For the most part, it focuses on Korean series and movies.
Disney+ HotstarThe highly anticipated Disney+ streaming service is finally here, courtesy of India’s Disney Star Group. It brings with it a plethora of highly anticipated Disney films, including that of the popular MCU film series. It also includes many other new, trending, and local films and TV series.
iQIYIiQIYi is an on-demand video streaming service that offers a range of pan-Asian entertainment to international viewers. It has a vast selection of Asian and locally produced entertainment and has English, Malay, and Chinese subtitles available.

How to choose the best streaming service

With so many choices, which platform caters best to your entertainment needs? Here are a few factors that will help you decide:


Malaysians are rather price-sensitive, so this is likely the first thing that will be on everyone’s minds. While a cheaper service might not be the best choice, it certainly influences our decision-making.

One thing to note is that many streaming services have also adopted a system that allows users to watch some content for free in exchange for being shown advertisements; similar to how normal television channels operate.

Subscription feeFree content
Amazon Prime VideoRM25/month1 month free trial
Apple TV+RM29.90/monthGet three months of Apple TV+ free when you buy a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac
iFlixRM11.90/monthFree with advertisements
NetflixMobile-only RM17/month
Basic RM28/month
Standard RM45/month
Premium RM55/month
Tubi TV-Free with advertisements
ViuRM17.90/monthFree with advertisements
Disney+ HotstarBasic RM29.90/month
Basic RM214.90/yearly
Premium RM39.90/month
Premium RM79.90/quarterly
Premium RM289.90/yearly
iQIYIStandard RM11.90/month
Premium RM17.90/month
Limited selection of free shows

It should be noted that while some of these services offer free videos, certain movies and TV shows will be locked away behind a VIP subscription paywall.


There’s always something to differentiate each streaming platform’s products compared to their competitors in the industry. Just like most things, there is no one best streaming platform that is perfect for everyone.

The trick is to find out what your preference is and compare the content from different platforms. Content is one of the most important factors in this decision-making process. Here we compare the content offered by these eight platforms:

Amazon Prime VideoApple TV+iFlixNetflixTubi TVViuDisney+ HotstariQIYI
Western movies/series-
Western cartoons--
Asian movies/series-
Asian cartoons----

Apple TV+, Netflix, iFlix, Disney+ Hotstar, iQIYI or Amazon Prime?

If you’re into Hollywood blockbuster movies and TV series, then you are spoiled for choice. Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Netflix all offer the latest and greatest shows. However, due to licensing reasons, each will have different movies from one another.

So, you might be able to watch Top Gun on Amazon Prime, but you can only find exclusive shows such as The Sandman on Netflix. For the most part, Netflix has been very active in Asia and brings in the most recent shows. In other words, you will not always find what you want to watch.

Disney+ Hotstar

The highly anticipated Disney+ has finally reached Malaysian shores, although not necessarily in the form that was expected. Unlike Western countries, the service in Asia is managed by Hotstar – a streaming service from India that was acquired by Disney. As a result, it differs slightly from the US version of the service.

Disney+ offers a wide range of first-party content from the company. These include all the children’s series and movies from the past, Marvel superhero shows, and the Star Wars franchise. It also has a wide range of other English, Malay, and Indian language content. However, it should be noted that there is censorship on this service – and that you may not see shows appear at the same time as the US due to localisation procedures.

Non-English and local content

iFlix, iQIYI and Viu both offer a wider variety of Asian and local content. They provide a huge library of Malaysian soap operas and Korean series, easily whetting the appetite of even the most hardcore of fans.

Tubi TV is the odd one out in this case. It almost exclusively serves Western cult shows and low-budget productions. For Malaysians, this is the only place to watch some gems that have been forgotten in cinema like the original Suspiria (remade in 2019), Kontiki, and The Last of the Mohicans.

Account sharing

One aspect of the cost that you might want to consider when deciding on a streaming platform is the ability to share your account with your family and friends. Unfortunately, gone are the days where you can share a single Netflix account with family and friends who are living in different places.

Netflix and other popular streaming platforms such as Disney+ Hotstar are now cracking down on password/account sharing by limiting who can have access to their streaming services based on their IP address/household. This means that if you’re not connected to the same WiFi network, then you can’t access the shared account.

If you want to keep sharing your account, Netflix now offers a way to add family members and friends as part of your subscription, which should let the people who share your account access it on a different IP address. But it will cost you RM13 per month and there are limitations to how many members you can add depending on your plans.

Exclusive/original programmes

Finally, there is the matter of original content. In this aspect, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both have the most original content with the highest production value. iFlix also has a limited amount of exclusive content, but that is largely limited to local Malay language shows. Of course, special mention also needs to be made for Disney+, which has decades’ worth of recognisable IPs that are exclusive to them.

Apple TV+ used to lag behind the competition when it comes to original content. However, the platform has since been able to bolster its offerings with over two dozen original shows with more to come. Tubi TV, on the other hand, does not have any original content for viewers.

And the winner is…

Each streaming service comes with its benefits, and there is no clear overall winner. If you like cult classics and B-grade movies, then Tubi TV is easily the service for you. Especially since it’s pretty much free.

Those who are more price-sensitive can look at iFlix and Viu. Both offer low subscription rates for a large amount of Asian content, so you can get your K-drama or Drama Minggu Ini fix.

As expected, Western blockbusters and TV series will cost you a whole lot more. Netflix remains the most expensive out of these offerings but also offers the most in terms of original content and premium plans. However, Amazon Prime Video isn’t too far off in terms of what it has to offer and Disney+ Hotstar also has a respectable library with major IPs such as Marvel and Star Wars backing it up.

Apple TV+ has built an amazing library of exclusive shows such as Monarch and Severance, which makes the platform a serious contender. However, while you can technically watch Apple TV+ on Android devices via a web browser such as Chrome, the experience won’t be as good as directly watching it on Apple devices.

This article has been updated on May 3, 2024.

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