5 Ways Cost Of Moving Can Sneak Up On You

Moving can be a major headache. No matter how much you plan, there’s probably something that you’ve missed. And what you missed will probably come back to haunt you during the move in the form of extra costs.

These extra, and likely hidden, costs, can easily add up. The best thing to do is to ensure you plan for all aspects, so your move will stay within your budget.

Here are some common mistakes that could lead to extra moving costs:

1. Booking a lorry that is too small

The first cost that most people take into consideration when they are moving is the cost of renting a lorry. Depending on the number of things and how heavy and big the items are, the size of the lorry will also vary.

At, you can book a lorry ranging from one tonne to five tonnes, or even a van if the items you are moving are less than 500kg.

The common mistake that most people make is not getting the lorry in the right size. By getting one that is too small could end up costing you more since you would need to make two trips or find another way to move!

Estimate the size of your moving transportation as accurately as possible, as the price of a three-tonne lorry is double the price of a one-tonne lorry (RM150). If you book a one-tonne lorry only to find out that you need another lorry or another trip to transport all your items, you will need to fork another RM150!

2. Cost of manpower

Getting a lorry to move your items is just half of the work done. The cost of transportation does not include manpower to help you move the item into the truck and also off the truck when it reaches the destination.

The cost of labour vary depending on the type of property you are moving to and from. High rise properties with no lift will see a higher cost of about RM150.

However, if you are moving from a landed property to another landed property, the cost of manpower will likely be about RM90 per person, and if you do not have anyone helping you (read: friends and family you’ve bullied into helping), you will need at least two people to help you do the moving for a one-tonne lorry. This will come up to RM180. And don’t expect the driver to help, because his job description is only driving the vehicle and does not include moving items.

The more items you have, the bigger the lorry you will need, and also the more manpower you will. Don’t overlook this cost and be shocked when it’s time to pay. Plan ahead, remember 2 guys won’t be enough to move your piano down the stairs.

3. Packing of your belongings

Now that you have the transportation and manpower settled, you need to start packing your belongings and furniture. Most of the transportation services available do not include packing materials and packing service in their cost, which makes it easy to overlook when moving.

If you book a lorry at, they provide end-to-end moving services, from disassembling to packing. The cost of packing includes packing materials such as boxes, shrink wrap and bubble wrap. If you expect your things to arrive at the destination and inside your new home in pristine, or at least it their original condition, make sure the packing is done properly.

Fragile items, like a really expensive oak furniture, must be shrink wrapped properly to avoid scratches and damages. Vases and breakable items should be bubble wrapped to avoid breaking them during the possible bumpy journey.

Boxes can cost up to RM14, while bubble wrap is RM200 per roll, and shrink wrap is RM50 per roll. All these costs must be factored in when you are budgeting for your move.

4. Broadband subscriptions

Moving can definitely be stressful, having to coordinate the packing, moving and assembling of furniture. This leads to most people overlooking subscriptions such as satellite TV, telephone land line and even broadband. And we all know that the most important thing when you get to your new place is internet!

If not planned in advance, you could be paying for service that you are unable to enjoy at your new home. Things like broadband subscription can easily be managed by checking if you are still under contract with your current provider.

If you are no longer under contract, you will be free to shop around for a cheaper and faster broadband package in your new area. There is also the problem of coverage. Some areas may not have coverage for your existing broadband package, or better packages may be available to you at your new location.

To ensure you always get the best and most value-for-money broadband package, check for coverage and packages at by comparing all the available plans in your areas.

5. Deposits

If you are living in a condominium facility, don’t forget the various deposits you need to pay the condominium management when you are moving or making repair or renovation. Some condominium requires about RM1,000 in deposit before they allow your movers to get into the compound.

Though deposits usually can be returned, if nothing in the compound is damaged, it is still a lot of cash you need to fork out. If you do not plan for it when you are planning your budget for the move, you could easily run out of cash for the deposit.

Put aside some cash for deposit on the day that you are moving, so everything will run smoothly without hiccups.

Wе undеrѕtаnd that іt іѕ not easy рlаnning а bіg mоvе bу уоurѕеlf. However, with to аѕѕіѕt уоu in booking for your moving services, you will be able to manage your cost of moving well, and also stick to your moving budget. Rеmеmbеr, cover all bases to minimise any unpleasant surprises on the day you are moving and рrоtесt уоur budget from unехресtеd moving ехреnѕеѕ.

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