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Finance can be a complex topic and may seem hard to explain. Educating your customers can be daunting, especially when you have to toe the line of compliance. This is why many financial services providers rely on agencies and marketing firms to help them crack this by providing you with multi-faceted marketing solutions.

  • Drive product and brand awareness via our financial marketing services capabilities.

  • Insightful data on consumer behavior and sentiment.

  • Acquire new customers at scale, effectively.

  • Own media assets and a highly engaged customer base (,


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    Our Marketing Services

    Offering you a wide array of services for your every marketing need.

    • Content Marketing

      Produce best-in-class financial content on iMoney Learning Centre, or other channels.

    • Digital Marketing

      Analytical and data-driven approach to digital campaign, leveraging on iMoney’s first-party data.

    • Design and Development

      Conceptualise, design and develop creatives such as banners, landing pages and EDM

    • Social Media and KOL Management

      Social media campaign, management and KOL campaign

    • Survey

      Market research or data and insights for content and PR campaign

    • Public Relations Management

      Managing public relations campaign such as press release, interview, media events and content syndication

    • Advertising Media Sales

      iMoney assets on the website, newsletters and social media platforms

    • Lead Generation

      A targeted approach of lead-generation with eligibility checking through our call center

    Successful Case Studies

    • Hong Leong DuitSmart Campaign 2019

      In conjunction with Malaysia Day 2019, Hong Leong Bank launched the DuitSmart campaign in partnership with us. We conceptualised and developed a multi-channel campaign including providing iMoney CreditScore online and on-ground, and developing a social video, a series of social media content and financial literacy content.

    • Pulse by Prudential Campaign 2020

      Pulse by Prudential is a health and wellness app launched in 2019. iMoney developed a campaign to drive thought leadership for the brand and awareness and downloads for the app. The campaign includes a 12-chapter guide on iMoney Learning Centre, a PR campaign revolving around a survey we conducted and a panel discussion, and lastly, we ran a radio campaign on Mix.FM to drive education on health and wellness.

    • CIMB e Credit Card #ExtraNotOrdinary Campaign 2020

      CIMB Bank launched its new e Credit Card that aims to maximise the value of online shopping, eWallet top-ups, auto-billing and in-store contactless spending. iMoney was enlisted to help educate Malaysians on the new credit card and its various benefits through a fun and engaging way. In this campaign, we developed a comic strip content article to highlight the benefits and features of the card in the most relatable way. Local influencers, Brandon Ho and Mark O’Dea were also part of the campaign with a challenge video to see who racks the most points with their CIMB e Credit Card. The video overachieved its views target by a staggering 137%, while the comic strip overperformed in Unique Page View by 15%.

    Our Stats

    Helping Malaysians & Filipinos make the right choices to save & earn more, as well as provide the best financial deals and valuable money tips.

    • 42M+
      Website visitors
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      Email subscribers
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      Average transactions monthly
    • 116
      Brand partners
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      Financial product listed
    • 33M+
      Website visitors
    • 2.1M
      Email subscribers
    • 18K
      Average transactions monthly
    • 37
      Brand partners
    • 300
      Financial product listed

    Our Awards

    • Excellence in Data-Driven Marketing (Gold)

    • Marketing Team of the Year (Silver)

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