Malaysia Broadband Review: Maxis Fibre Broadband For Your Home

Malaysia Broadband Review: Maxis Fibre Broadband For Your Home

Waiting for someone? Having trouble sleeping? How about waiting for commercials on TV? These times urgently called for Internet connectivity to surf your boredom away. Be it Facebook stalking, video chatting with far away friends or relatives, or just catching up on the latest episode of the Game of Thrones, a reliable, high-speed Internet connection is the answer to all these needs.

Staying connected to the rest of the world from one’s home has almost become a basic right for most Malaysians. However, with several prominent broadband Internet providers in Malaysia to choose from, you can be spoilt for choice on which one to pick that will best cater to your needs.

Previously, we wrote a review on whether TIME fibre broadband is worth your money. Now let’s look at what Maxis Home Fibre Broadband has to offer.

Here’s a snapshot of Maxis unlimited broadband package:

Lowest packageHighest packagesBest forWhy we like it?What’s the drawback?
RM156.88RM421.88Online gamers, video conferencing users and online movie buffsHighest speed and coverageHigh subscription fee

1. Speed and pricing

Maxis broadband plan in Malaysia offers high speed Internet for residential homes. With the speed and bandwidth offered, you can upload a photo album, stream your favourite ultra HD movies online seamlessly, and at the same time, surf multiple websites in minutes.

However, how much will the service cost, and which package should you get?

(Non-MaxisONE plan users)
(MaxisONE plan users)#
10MbpsRM156.88RM136.88HighUnlimitedWeb browsing, emails, Facebook & Twitter
20MbpsRM209.88RM189.88HighUnlimitedSpotify & Skype
30MbpsRM262.88RM242.88HighUnlimitedYouTube, downloading, file transfer, video conferencing & online gaming
100MbpsRM421.88RM353.88HighUnlimitedYouTube, downloading, file transfer, video conferencing & online gaming

*Prices include GST          

# Exclusively for MaxisONE plan 128, 158, 188 users

The beauty of the Maxis fibre Internet is the attractive pricing offered to MaxisONE plan subscribers. If you are using the MaxisONE plan, you can enjoy RM20 off monthly subscription for 10, 20 and 30 Mbps packages and RM68 off monthly subscription for 100 Mbps package. This allows you to save up to RM1,632 (RM68/month) over 24 months contract (the standard contract period).

Since TIME covers only very few areas nationwide, you always come down to choosing between Maxis or UniFi as they both share the same fibre broadband infrastructure (High Speed Broadband Access (HSBA)) that covers a larger area.

If you run a price comparison between Maxis and UniFi, Maxis Fibre Internet 10Mbps and Maxis Fibre Internet 20Mbps are cheaper by RM54 respectively compared to UniFi packages of the same speed. These are probably the best valued home broadband packages under Maxis.

Moving on to the next speed, the Maxis Fibre Internet 30Mbps is more expensive by RM73 than the corresponding UniFi package. This pricing difference is well justified as Maxis offers same download and upload speed of 30Mbps, while Unifi offers download speed of 30Mbps but upload speed of 5Mbps. Unlike UniFi and TIME, Maxis do not offer an intermediate speed option of 50Mbps.

A 100Mbps connection seems to be the gold standard for now, when it comes to fibre Internet connection. For home Internet users, there are only two Internet service providers (ISPs) that offer 100Mbps — TIME and Maxis. Maxis Fibre Internet 100Mbps charges RM353.88 a month for MaxisONE users. Although it cost RM164 more than TIME, with Maxis you get unlimited quota usage. With TIME Fibre Broadband, you only get a 100GB quota and an extremely limited coverage.

Another popular complaint by users is network congestion, which seems to plague UniFi network. To find out, you need to know the contention ratio for the network. The lower your contention ratio, the better it is. For example, UniFi have a contention ratio of 1:25, which mean the bandwidth is shared with 25 other subscribers at one time. For Maxis, certain areas are on HSBA infrastructure, which is the same as UniFi, hence these areas would have the same contention ratio as UniFi at 1:25. However, there are areas that use New Generation Broadband (NGBB) infrastructure, which is owned by Maxis. These areas on NGBB infrastructure would have a lower contention ratio.

With a contention ratio of 1:10, TIME’s bandwidth allocation is much better than UniFi as it is shared with only 10 subscribers at a time. Therefore, the bandwidth is less congested and as a result faster.

2. Add-ons

With Maxis broadband home packages, you get to enjoy 330 minutes or 600 minutes worth of FREE calls to all mobile and land lines in Malaysia respectively. Anything beyond that, you will be charged accordingly at RM0.05/minute for local calls, RM0.09/minute for nationwide calls and RM0.09/minute for mobile calls.  However, with Maxis, you will not be provided with a cordless phone – unlike TIME and UniFi.

Free cordless phone aside, this is one of the cheapest deals for voice calls on broadband in Malaysia. Although you get 2,000 minutes of free talk time with TIME – the call rate thereafter is higher than Maxis at RM0.10/minute.

If you are a phone person, what Maxis is offering is definitely the better and much cheaper option.

While UniFi comes bundled with the HyppTV channels, Maxis Home Fibre Broadband plans now come with Astro B.Yond IPTV option. If streaming movies and shows is not enough for you, you can enjoy hundreds of channels available on Astro with a RM600 off for installation and Astro IPTV decoder. Astro IPTV uses fibre Internet to transfer your data rather than the conventional satellite signal. Therefore, you can watch your favourite Astro channels in any weather condition. You also enjoy RM26.50 discount monthly (RM318 annually) when you bundle Maxis Fibre Broadband with Astro Superpack.

The icing on the cake of the deal is automatic enrolment to the MaxisONE Club Elite – which is not available with other broadband service providers. MaxisONE Club Elite is an exclusive programme that offers rewards such as VIP treatment at Maxis Centres and on Maxis Helpline, doorstep delivery for SIM card replacement, invitations to special events, discounts and rebates on selected dining, shopping, travel, health and beauty and entertainment rewards via MyMaxis App and free 1GB bonus mobile data for up to 3 months.

3. Installation and cancellation

Subscribing to a broadband service is not as simple as just comparing the monthly fees. Don’t be shocked with additional charges such as installation and cancellation, which can be pretty hefty upfront.

Here’s how much you need to fork out initially when you subscribe to Maxis Fibre Internet in Malaysia:

Installation feeRM200waived
Deposit fee for MalaysiansRM75waived
Deposit fee for non-MalaysiansRM500
Early contract termination penalty (under 24 months contract)RM500

While the free installation and early contract termination penalty is common across other broadband users like UniFi and TIME, Maxis Home Fibre Internet charges an additional deposit fee of RM500 for non-Malaysians and RM200 for relocation.

The penalty charged by Maxis is only half the amount if you were to compare it with Astro IPTV broadband package – which charges RM1,000 in penalty for cancellation before the end of 24 months.

To avoid forking out half a grand when you decide to cancel the service due to unsatisfactory connection, Maxis offer a 3-day installation guarantee, and a 30-day “return back guarantee” for the 100Mbps package. This may not seem like a lot compared to TIME’s one month free trial, but it does give you a safety net if the connection is not up to your standard in the first month.

4. Coverage

When trying to decide on a fibre broadband service, the first thing you need to check is that the broadband service provides Internet access in your area. If it doesn’t cover your area, then it is obviously not an option for you.

Although Maxis charges slightly higher than broadband packages of similar speed, it is also covered extensively in almost all the states in Malaysia – same as UniFi. If your area is covered by Unifi, you know for a fact that it is also covered under Maxis.

Both UniFi and Maxis are using HSBA infrastructure, therefore the coverage is wider. TIME, on the other hand, uses their own fibre line, hence the coverage is limited only to certain spots in the Klang Valley, Malacca, Johor and Penang.

The verdict?

If you’re an extremely heavy Internet user, Maxis’ 100Mbps package is quite hefty a price to fork out every month, even after the RM68 discount for MaxisONE subscribers.

Unfortunately, only TIME and Maxis offer Internet speed of 100Mbps for home. Although TIME would be a more feasible choice in terms of pricing affordability, it has limited coverage and quota usage.

Without the intermediate package of 50Mbps, moderate users are left high and dry with UniFi as their only option, if they are not covered by TIME.

For MaxisONE plan customers, the Maxis Home Fibre Broadband is really appealing with its wide array of add-ons like Astro discounted bundles, MaxisONE Club privileges and one of the cheapest voice deals on the market. Maxis home broadband 10Mbps and 20Mpps are definitely great contenders for home broadband for light to moderate users.

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