6 Shopping Tips To Help You Score The Best Deals

6 Shopping Tips To Help You Score The Best Deals

Everybody loves a bargain and you probably know of someone who is somehow always able to cinch that perfect outfit or pair of shoes at the best bargain price!

What’s their secret? You might think that it is bargain shopping telepathy, but what these folks really have is just a bit of knowledge and the right attitude about finding a bargain.

If you want to join these folks in the hall of fame for bargain shopping, then you need to up your shopping game with these 6 shopping tips to help you score the best deals!

Shop online

With the increase in number of people doing online shopping, companies are belting out more exclusive online only deals. Checking for your desired products online is one of the ways to spot great deals and to save more. Not to mention that everything is on sale on the internet!

One main benefit about shopping online is that it lets you conduct price comparisons from one online store to another. This gives consumers the freedom to assess which online stores offer the best deal for the item(s) they are planning to buy.

Consumers can get an even sweeter deal when they make their purchases online with a credit card that is tailored specifically for their online shopping needs. For example, the CIMB Cash Rebate Gold credit card offers 5% cash rebate for online spending and 10% cash rebate on monthly interest charged with no maximum capping.

Shop using mobile apps

Mobile shopping has increased tremendously. A 2014 Nielsen Global Survey of E-Commerce found that 47% of Malaysians used their mobile phones to shop online. Given these numbers, it is no wonder that more and more retailers are now shifting towards mobile app discounts to further encourage shoppers to sign up and take advantage of this new phenomenon.

For example, CIMB cardholders get an extra 10% off their purchase when they shop using the Lazada app. They also get 5% off their purchase when they shop on laptop with Lazada.

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Screenshot from Lazada Malaysia.

To maximise your savings, download the mobile app of the shops you’re into and you’ll be surprised at the amount of discounts available.

Use coupons and promo codes

Promo codes and coupons have been on the rise over the last couple of years, giving shoppers the opportunity to enjoy additional discounts.

Sites like Flipit let shoppers find the all the hottest deals and most up-to-date coupon codes from all their favourite stores online.

For example, you save 15% on your purchase when you use Zalora’s discount code on Flipit:


Screenshot from Flipit Malaysia.

Also keep a lookout for credit card promotions, which lets you enjoy extra discounts! For example, you save 5% on your purchase with Zalora when you shop with your Maybank credit card. Meanwhile, the CIMB credit card lets cardholders enjoy a 20% discount with Zalora.

So before buying, check Flipit to see what promo codes are available for you to use!

Wait for bargains

Timing is everything when it comes to shopping. The most common discount pattern revolves around seasonal and holiday sales, and usually comprises three categories – pre-sale, the sale itself and post-sale.

For instance, Malaysia is home to various seasonal sales and promotions, such as Matta fairs and Mega Sale carnivals. Have a little patience and wait for these events, for shopping during sales in addition to using promo codes may just let you leave with a fuller wallet and with more stuff!

However, it is usually cheapest to shop post-holiday as retailers are trying to get rid of inventory, hence prices are further slashed.

Shopping credit cards like the HSBC Visa Signature Card rewards your spending and amplifies your shopping experience. It offers 8x Reward Points for every RM1 spent in Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall, and 5x Reward Points for every RM1 spent at over 30 participating malls nationwide.

Plan your shopping in advance

This goes especially if you are shopping for big-ticket items like plane tickets. Skyscanner’s latest infographic details how Malaysians can save up to 11.7% when booking popular destinations in Europe such as France and the Netherlands ahead of time in addition to information on the cheapest months to travel.

Booking in advance in general serves a great purpose in helping you save more on tickets. However, airfares could change as often as multiple times a day, so on top of booking your tickets in advance, it pays to check the website several times a day to see when you can score the best deal.

Just like flight tickets, Trivago’s research showed that in order to score a good hotel deal during a vacation, it pays to keep a tab on prices several times a day between Tuesday evening and Sunday, and you may just find the cheapest deals available.

For more savings, do a price comparison between hotel websites and third party websites such as Agoda, Expedia and Hotels.com to get a better idea on who has the best deals. To get extra discounts on your accommodation, use Flipit’s promo codes when booking via these websites.

Some hotels are also offering app-exclusive discounts, so download the necessary apps to get more discounts, promo codes and perks!

Make the most of your groceries

Make the most of your trips to the grocery store by using a credit card that gives you rewards while you stock up your pantry! Credit cards like the UOB Lady’s Classic Card comes with cash back benefits of up to 10 on grocery transactions at selected merchants, while the HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Credit Card-i offers up to 8% cashback for spending on groceries and petrol every day!

Also, different grocers come with different offers and promotional periods. To start saving on your groceries, check out and compare these promotion catalogues offered by various grocers, and familiarise yourself with your favourite grocer’s promotion periods and frequently discounted items.

This way, instead of going shopping when you feel like it, you plan ahead on what you can save on and where to go for the best deals!

Now that you are armed with these tips, make sure you utilise them as part of your shopping strategy to cinch the best deals!

Save even more money and be rewarded for your spending habits by using a credit card that is best suited for your lifestyle!

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