Personal Accident Insurance: A Necessity or an Option?

It is for you to decide the right personal accident insurance with the right benefits.

It is for you to decide the right personal accident insurance with the right benefits.

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

A personal accident insurance is an essential aspect to our lives that most people fail to notice. Basically, it’s a type of annual policy giving you a comprehensive protection for the unexpected misfortunes in the future.

Since accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, a policy of this nature gives you the sense of security knowing you and your loved ones have adequate protection all the time. However, be noted that each personal accident insurance varies in the type of accidents they cover. Often, many of us overlook on the insurance coverage and its terms. For example, the policy exclusions may disregard protection for suicide cases, death during childbirth and other types of accidents. Also, the actual amount of coverage varies depending on the policy you purchase.

How important is Personal Accident Insurance?

The first thing that runs in most of our minds is the necessity of a personal accident cover. You probably even had a quick mental calculation of the past accidents you ever had. In all honesty, there are some of us who need it and some of us who are lucky enough to never need it. But then again, how will you ever know? Accidents do not happen announcing themselves, they just happen.

So here’s the general rule: You will probably need it. Here’s why:

Accidents are unpredictable

We don’t live a static life. Every day we travel to work and face new situations. The statistics for road accidents have not been very pleasing over the past years and sometimes being careful is just not enough. Road accidents are one thing but there are countless accidents that can happen in your very home. There is no one safe place and we don’t have to go about living our lives in fear either. Having a personal accident policy gives you the contentment of taking a bit of control for things out of your control.

Your work insurance is not enough

Sometimes, your jobs may be physically risky and the employment insurance may not be sufficient. This is because insurance of this kind usually gives the employee discretion in terms of the amount of coverage and it is usually very limited in nature. Thus, taking up a personal accident policy gives you the freedom of choosing the right plan and the kind of coverage you truly need.

Your savings may not be enough in an unfortunate event

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that most of us have zero or little savings. We have unpredictable lifestyles and many of us go with the flow. How will you deal when your routine is troubled by a misfortune? Will you be able to pay your medical fees that might cost thousands of ringgit or more? It is hard enough that you face an injury and it will be harder if you are faced to think for ways to cover the hospital expenses and other rudimentary costs that comes with your injury. Worst case scenarios, what about your beloved family in case of an accidental death? A personal accident policy will help you to assist them through the financial hardship they may face.

There are many crucial factors on why you may need a personal accident insurance. However, it is for you to decide the right personal accident insurance with the right benefits.

These are some of the important factors that you should consider prior to taking out a personal accident insurance cover. To learn more about this topic, check out some of our personal accident insurance articles.

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