Package Couriers To Enjoy Internet Plans For As Low As RM33

Package Couriers To Enjoy Internet Plans For As Low As RM33

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has just announced the launch of the Rahmah p-hailing package, which is set to offer package delivery couriers the option to enjoy internet services for as low as RM33 with a data plan of at least 40GB. This package will be offered until 23 April 2024.

According to reports by various media, Fadzil said that the package is the result of a strategic collaboration involving telecommunications service providers, including CelcomDigi, Maxis, U Mobile, TM (Unifi Mobile), and YTL Communications (Yes 5G).

He also mentioned that the package was being priced affordably in order to facilitate improvements to courier delivery services from 16 p-hailing operators nationwide, including FoodPanda, Grab, Bungkusit, and Shopee, as well as to show appreciation for the hard-working couriers. Couriers will also be able to subscribe to this new mobile package even if they are already tied to an existing device bundle contract.

The FAQ published by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission also makes it clear that these couriers will not be tied to a contract, and can terminate the service at any time with a minimal penalty (for the SIM card service).

“We established such a collaboration to provide affordable packages for the targeted category, involving approximately 200,000 of our p-hailing riders,” Fadzil said at the launch event at Angkasapuri.

This is a major step that the government has taken to help improve the lives and efficiency of this group. According to reporting by the New Straits Times, Fadzil also told the media that the package will likely be extended at a later date.

It was mentioned that the Madani government is well aware of the complaints voiced by the p-hailing workers and hopes that this initiative will be able to alleviate some of the issues that obstruct them from carrying out their daily tasks effectively.

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