What Is the 5G Rahmah Postpaid Data Plan For Malaysians?

What Is the 5G Rahmah Postpaid Data Plan For Malaysians?

Malaysians will be able to enjoy fast internet for their mobile phones at affordable prices with the announcement of the  5G Rahmah postpaid plans.

The announcement came from Fahmi Fadzil, the Minister of Communications and Digital, through a post on his official Facebook account, alongside an official statement from the government.

“In conjunction with the Merdeka Month, the ministry is working together with the Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), telco providers including two device manufacturers – Samsung and Honor – will be offering the 5G Rahmah Package and the Civil Servants Rahmah Postpaid Incentive.

“Both are cheaper Internet service packages than existing ones in the market.” said the minister in the statement provided.

5G Rahmah package priced at RM60 and RM120 per month

The five major telcos, Maxis, CelcomDigi, TM, U Mobile and Yes have issued a joint statement in support of this initiative.

The postpaid package will be available with the following specifications:

  • Rahmah 5G costing RM60 per month for 60GB of data
  • Option to get the Samsung Galaxy A14 or an HONOR 90 Lite for one time fee of RM240
  • First 100,000 B40 Malaysians can buy the data plan + 5G smartphone for RM120 (comes with 24-month postpaid plan contract)

In addition, the Rahmah Civil Servants Postpaid Incentive was also announced for civil servants. This incentive provides a monthly RM10 rebate on all existing telco plans, giving users a savings of RM120 per year.

All of the 5G Rahmah plans and incentives are expected to be available starting from Merdeka Day, 31 August.

Allo Rahmah Fixed Broadband package

Earlier in July, the Communications Ministry, together with Tenaga Nasional Bhd and Allo Technology Sdn Bhd had also launched the Allo Fixed Broadband Initiative.

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil said that Allo’s Rahmah plan will provide internet service with unlimited data. This comes with a 24-month contract.

The plan will save subscribers RM30. Subscribers will pay RM69, compared to the normal RM99 package offered with a speed of 100 megabits per second.

The target groups for this plan are the B40, senior citizens, personnel of Armed Forces, Royal Malaysia Police, maritime enforcement agency, as well as persons with disabilities.

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