Maxis Launches Three New Fibre Broadband Plans With Mesh WiFi Router

maxis mesh wifi

Maxis has introduced three new fibre broadband plans to provide an even faster broadband experience for its customers.

The telco has unveiled 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 800Mbps options – all ideal for ultra HD streaming, online gaming, and super fast downloads with high-speed internet.

The 300Mbps plan is going for RM149 monthly.  The 500Mbps option is available for RM219 per month and 800Mbps plan is available for RM299 per month. All three plans come with unlimited local voice calls.

On top of that, Maxis is also offering mesh WiFi routers for all three plans. The first two options (300 and 500Mbps) require you to fork out an additional RM300 for the mesh WiFi routers. However, you will receive two complimentary units of mesh WiFi routers if you choose to subscribe to the 800Mbps plan.

Mesh WiFi routers are designed to give you the most out of your internet experience. Instead of broadcasting the WiFi signal from a single location, the mesh spreads the signal across a wireless network. It helps create a more stable and even WiFi signal throughout your home; it also increases the range of your network.

For more information, visit the Maxis official website.

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