Need More Data This MCO? Here’s How You Can Get Free Unlimited 4G WiFi From Maxis

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Need More Data This MCO? Here’s How You Can Get Free Unlimited 4G WiFi From Maxis

Battling the COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed our daily lives. Never has an internet connection been more important to humanity; to keep us connected to the outside world and allow us to continue to function as a society.

However, this period has also introduced a series of challenges. Many Malaysians are used to relying on mobile data for their daily internet dose, making up any shortfall in data limits through free WiFi from the office or nearest cafe and mall.

The Movement Control Order (MCO) has removed these ‘luxuries’ and the government-mandated free mobile internet plans may not be able to keep up with the demands of being stuck at home 24/7.

Making things worse is the fact that internet service providers are unable to perform installations for new home broadband lines or even fix broken connections until the MCO is lifted. So, what can you do if you desperately need home broadband to survive?

Maxis Fibre has the solution

All its consumer broadband plans include a router and 4G internet dongle, which is meant to take over and provide a wireless connection if anything should happen to the fibre connection.

During this extended MCO, Maxis will deliver your router and 4G dongle while you wait for their technicians to be allowed to head over. Which means that you can get all the benefits of an internet connection and unlimited data at home without having to wait for the MCO to end.

The 4G connection is suitable for those who need to get work done through video conferencing or allowing your children to access online learning tools. You can also stream videos without worrying about using up all your mobile data while fighting the spread of the coronavirus from your living room.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. Maxis will not begin charging you for your subscription until your home fibre is physically installed. This does not mean until the end of the MCO, but rather until the company is able to send a technician over.

It’s a creative solution from Maxis to meet the current needs of Malaysians, many of which did not have broadband at the start of the MCO and are now desperately struggling to stay online, whether for work or for entertainment.

What options do I have?

Maxis Fibre broadband options start at RM89 per month for a 30Mbps connection, which includes the cost of the modem, WiFi router, and 4G dongle. The most popular plan comes in at RM149 per month for a 300Mbps connection; that’s only an extra RM60 per month for ten times the download speed.

Alternatively, power users can opt for the top of the line 800Mbps connection for RM299 per month. That amount of bandwidth will allow you to stream several movies in 4K and be on multiple devices at the same time with no buffering or quality loss.

The options available on a 24-month contract plan are:

DownloadUploadPrice per month
Maxis Fibre 30Mbps30Mbps30MbpsRM89
Maxis Fibre 100Mbps100Mbps50MbpsRM129
Maxis Fibre 300Mbps300Mbps50MbpsRM149
Maxis Fibre 500Mbps500Mbps100MbpsRM219
Maxis Fibre 800Mbps800Mbps200MbpsRM299

Maxis is also offering a mesh WiFi option for just RM25 per pair per month. This technology ensures a whole home WiFi coverage where every room enjoys a strong WiFi signal. It’s ideal for those with bigger houses that cannot be covered by a single WiFi router.

You can stay home and still stay connected

In light of the extended MCO, you can continuously stay connected and enjoy immediate access to unlimited data with Maxis Fibre. Anyone who has been stuck at home even for a weekend with only mobile data can appreciate this extra effort by Maxis to provide immediate access to unlimited data.

So if you need a home fibre connection, why not sign up right now?

Get free unlimited 4G WiFi now with Maxis Home Fibre and enjoy no payments while waiting for your fibre to be installed!

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