Marriage Financial Checklist: 15 Things You Need To Ask Your Partner Before Tying The Knot

Marriage Financial Checklist: 15 Things You Need To Ask Your Partner Before Tying The Knot

More and more Malaysians are heading for an unhappily ever after. Statistics are showing that the number of divorces have nearly doubled over the last decade alone:


Marriages ending up in divorce may have something to do with spouses failing to live up to their expectations and obligations, with money matters often cited as one of the primary reasons. For example, if you’re a compulsive saver and your other-half has a knack for spending excessively, it can spell disaster for your relationship.


Couples fight more about money than anything else, so it’s no wonder why many hide their money issues.

How well do you know your partner financially? Are you both transparent about your expenses, or have you been keeping your business under wraps? More importantly, are you financially compatible?

We recommend that you do not walk down that aisle until you’ve asked, discussed and are satisfied with how your partner responds to these money questions from our marriage financial checklist.

Have you asked your spouse-to-be these highly-important, potentially life-changing questions:

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How well do you know your partner's financial habits?
0 – 4 checked – Uh-oh. Looks like there could be trouble in financial paradise. It is time to sit down with your partner to understand and reassess each other’s financial habits.

5 – 10 checked – It sure looks like you and your partner have been busy discussing about money, but there are still more grounds to cover. Further discussions on money management and learning to compromise in certain situations could potentially elevate your financial compatibility even more.

11 – 15 checked – Congratulations, you and your partner are well on your way to a happily ever after – financially anyway! Together, you have taken the first step in mastering the art of joint money management and are most likely on your way to a cushy financial future.

If more than half of the above are left unchecked, it’s time for you and your partner to get started in straightening out your combined financial expectations before the wedding bells ring.

When you’re preparing to spend your life with someone else, checking on each other’s approach to finances may be the last (and the least romantic) thing on your mind, but it is not a subject you can afford to ignore. Putting out these money questions early on could just be the key of a happy and lasting marriage.

Unit trust investments are a viable option to grow your savings pool to secure a brighter financial future for you and your partner. Also, check out these cool cashback credit cards that put money back in your wallet while you spend.

Money is one of the top reasons why a marriage fails. Find out what a marriage expert has to say about money and marriage.


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