5 Tips When Buying Concert Tickets Online

buying concert tickets tips

The stress is 100% real when it comes to securing concert tickets, especially given how quickly they sell out (assuming this is a well-known artist), you might not even be able to get any. 

But don’t worry yet; we’ve put together a list of important tips that can help you get those tickets!

1. Join the presale if you can

The first step when buying concert tickets is to check if there’s a presale. The good news is that, nine times out of ten, there’s always a presale. Download the ticketing app or go straight to the website to check if you’re eligible, and if so, sign up.

Also, keep in mind that there’s normally a time limit, so register for that presale as soon as you hear about it! Trust us, a presale is something you don’t want to miss out on because it doubles your chances of getting tickets.

2. Get familiarised with the ticketing site beforehand

You’ll be at (ticket) war with hundreds, if not thousands, of others on the day tickets go on sale, so to avoid stressing out, we suggest practising a few days before. Try “booking” tickets for other concerts so that you’ll know what to expect on that day.

Since you will only have a limited amount of time once you’re in, it’s best to know the site inside out. Set up your account and have it all ready; you don’t want to be doing this on the day tickets go on sale because there’s a chance that the site will crash due to overwhelming traffic.

3. Beware of extra ticketing charges

Something that isn’t always stated upfront are ticket charges and taxes. These fees may vary depending on the venue and artist performing, plus they’re non-refundable, so make sure you have a little extra cash for those fees.

Tip: Always read the terms and conditions before proceeding because you don’t want to get hit with an unexpected surcharge.

4. Use more than one device while in queue

Now that you’ve got everything ready, here comes the tricky part: queuing. Make sure you have a fast internet connection because your ticket now depends on it. Queue in with as many devices as possible; this increases your chances of getting tickets.

Log into the site 10 minutes before the tickets go on sale. Once logged in, hit the refresh button just as tickets are on sale. Once all of your devices are in queue, prioritise whichever device moves the quickest. When you’re in, you can disregard your other devices.

Note: Don’t exit the queue on your other devices until you’ve successfully purchased your tickets.

5. Have all your info ready

Once it’s your turn, be ready to start clicking because you’ll only have a limited amount of time to do so. Assuming you already know which seats you want, have your full name, I.C number, email address, home address and phone number typed out in your notes.

Once you’re at checkout, all you have to do is just copy and paste your information. Make sure all your details are correct. Also, make sure you have your bank details on hand because every second counts, don’t waste it. Good luck!

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