Editor’s Pick: The 4 Best Credit Cards For Movie Fanatics

Editor’s Pick: The 4 Best Credit Cards For Movie Fanatics

I’m a huge movie fan of all genres, from romantic comedy to thriller. Though we live in an era where we can easily watch movies online or on satellite TV at the comfort of our, I still go back to the cinema to catch the latest movies.

Perhaps it is the bigger screen, or even the comfortable seats, DTS sound effect, and the sweet smell of caramel popcorn, but watching a movie at the theatre is akin to an escape from the world. This is perhaps the perfect short getaway we get from our daily stressful lives.

But my deep affection for movie watching in cinemas is not doing my wallet any good.

I’ve thought long and hard, did my research and I have the answer on how to be a frugal movie-goer. The answer lies in these 4 credit cards that gives you more value for every Ringgit spent at the movie:

1. Mach Visa Credit Card

The most direct and no-brainer way to save money is to get cash back from your spending. It’s like getting a discount!

The card that gives you the highest cash back for movies is the Mach Visa Credit Card. Giving you the flexibility to choose the category for the cash back, you can change the categories according to your changing lifestyle. The best part? The 10% cash back is applicable EVERYDAY!

machThe categories are divided into packages:


Other wins:

You will still be rewarded with cash back (0.2%) for spending not under your selected categories.

With a small fee of RM5.30 (inclusive of GST) paid every quarter, you can change from one package to another as your lifestyle changes. You get to save even more as the annual fee of RM160 (excluding GST of RM9.60) is waived with a minimum of 12 card swipes within a year.

Apply Here

2. Citibank Clear Credit Card

What’s better than winding down the week with a good movie at the cinema? The Citibank Clear Credit Card understands that perfectly well with their buy one, free one promotion for movies on Fridays.

It doesn’t matter if you are watching the movie at TGV or GSC, you’ll get to enjoy the promotion!


Other wins:

Nothing is better than a credit card than offers you low interest rate. At 8.88% per annum, the Citibank Clear Visa is one of the lowest in the market.

It also comes with a low annual fee of RM90 (excluding GST of RM5.40, that is waived if the card is swiped at least three times within 60 days upon card approval.

Other benefits include buy one, free one drink at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlets on weekdays and discounts and privileges on entry passes to Zouk Club KL.

Apply Here

3. Hong Leong GSC Gold/Platinum Card

A diehard movie-goer and need some help to trim that spending? I found just the card to help you do that. The Hong Leong GSC Gold / GSC Platinum Card is the one card solution to your movie needs.

gscIf you only want one card for all your cinema needs, Hong Leong GSC Gold / GSC Platinum Card is the card to own. The movie privileges for both the Hong Leong GSC Gold and GSC Platinum cards are:


Apply Here (GSC Gold)

Apply Here (GSC Platinum)

4. Maybank 2 Card

If you find yourself asking why you need another card just for movies, then you need a card that is a Jack of all trades in the credit card world. Maybank 2 Card is just the card for you.


If you are a regular patron of TGV cinemas, Maybank 2 Card definitely can help your trim your movie-going expenses. These privileges are valid until December 31, 2015.

Other wins:

  • It comes with a low interest rate of 8.88% per annum.
  • It comes with two cards – the Visa and the American Express, which allow you to earn TreatPoints and cash back on your spending.
  • You don’t have to worry about paying annual fee as this card offers free-for-life annual fee.

Apply Here

A credit card is a like a chain saw — a very handy tool, but also capable of inflicting serious damage if misused. However, by choosing the right credit card and using it wisely, you can take advantage of the privileges It’s important to pick the best card that fits both your lifestyle and your finances, or you could find yourself paying more in annual fees and interest than you need to.

The key to picking out the right card is knowing where your credit stands and what card features you care about. Just as you would hunt around for the best bargain when shopping, compare offers and read all of the terms and conditions about the cards to find the one that best suits your needs.

* Article updated on July 31, 2015 to reflect the latest 5% Weekend Dining Cash Back term, effective August 1, 2015.

Is there something else that interest you more than movies? Shopping? Dining? Whatever it may be, let us find the right plastic soulmate for you!

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