Tune Protect Life Introduces Flexible Insurance Solution

Tune Protect Life Introduces Flexible Insurance Solution

Tune Protect Life, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tune Protect Group Berhad, has introduced FLEXIOne – a flexible insurance solution of Life, Medical and/or Critical Illness for the retail market. 

FLEXIOne targets the Gen Z and millennial market, offering customers the flexibility to mix and match the coverages according to their individual preferences, budget and needs through the use of a friendly and human-like virtual assistant to help make the customer experience smoother throughout the entire purchase journey.

According to Tune Protect Life FLEXIOne is suitable for young, first-time buyers and those on a shoe-string budget, with premiums starting from as low as RM5 a month. It is available for purchase via Tune Protect’s online platform. Customers can select the pre-packaged plan or build their own. The virtual assistant, Tracy, will guide the customer throughout the process.

Another innovative feature embedded in FLEXIOne is its AI-powered Plan Recommender.  Based on certain information of the customer such as age and gender, the built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant will personalise and then recommend the best-suited insurance package for the customer’s consideration.

“We are guided by our aspiration of bridging the protection gap in the country by providing affordable insurance solutions to consumers. With FLEXIOne, we are busting the myth that insurance is expensive and rigid. Starting from just RM5 a month, FLEXIOne is ideal for Millennials and Gen Zs who are beginners to insurance and want something light on the pocket, as well as those who are looking to top up their current insurance coverage,” said Koot Chiew Ling, Principal Officer of Tune Protect Life.

For a limited time, Tune Protect Life will also be offering 2 months of free FLEXIOne insurance of up to a total of RM300 for purchases made through its online platform.

“FLEXIOne checks all the boxes on insurance protection that is bite-size, simple, innovative, and most importantly, value-for-money. If you are budget conscious and want little commitment on your finances, this is the plan for you,” Chiew Ling concluded.

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