Nearly Half Of Employed Workers In Malaysia On Job Hunt

Malaysia employee employer

Employers are at risk of losing workers as it was revealed that about 48% were on the search for new job opportunities, according to the 2018 Hays Asia Salary Guide.

Furthermore, it was revealed that 35% of workers here were planning to change employers within six months, while 43% were already open to job offers.

Hays Regional Director of Malaysia Tom Osborne said 69% of survey candidates revealed salary and benefits was the top reason that influenced their decisions to jump roles, while the second highest reason was due to lack of career progression (44%) followed by desire to seek new challenges (42%).

“Our Guide is an excellent indicator of generational change amongst Malaysia’s workforce. Salary and benefits remain a key driver for job hunters, but we are seeing candidates place greater value on non-financial benefits too, particularly on career progression.

“32% say there is no scope for ‘career progression’ with their current employer and 31% are unsure about what’s available. This makes the case for employers to communicate career pathway options more clearly as well as what responsibilities lie with employees themselves,” he said.

He added their research found employers need to foster greater self sufficiency among employee in terms of professional development. Furthermore 98% of survey respondents, who were employers, believe skill shortages could prove an obstacle for their business operations in the coming year.

“However, the most important message is for talent who want to stand out from the pack. Staying relevant in a fast-changing employment market is the responsibility of every candidate in Malaysia and should be their top priority for 2018,” he said.

Meanwhile, other findings included 62% were not satisfied with their compensation and benefits, while 58% did not request for a pay rise in the previous year.


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