3 Mind-numbingly Obvious Reasons Why You Should Use PRS To Save For Your Retirement

3 Mind-numbingly Obvious Reasons Why You Should Use PRS To Save For Your Retirement

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Everyone talks about retirement planning and how important it is to start early. However, no one ever gives the low-down of when and how to get started.

One of the recommended investment vehicles is the Private Retirement Scheme (PRS). PRS offer funds for individuals to invest in with the objective of saving for retirement. It’s hassle-free as you do not need to actively trade your investment. You can set it up once, and monitor your funds’ performance periodically to see how well you retirement fund is growing.

As with any investment, even a long-term one like PRS, there are many things we can do to ensure our money is working hard to afford us the retirement that we dream of. Here are 3 things a PRS contributor can do to reinforce their retirement fund:

Take advantage of perks & benefits

The government has created a variety of tax incentives, and failing to utilise these incentives to maximum advantage is a huge mistake.

PRS tax relief

The good thing about reviewing your PRS account and funds every year before the end of the tax year is, you can top up the difference (if any) to enjoy the maximum tax savings.

Quick tip
For the younger contributors (between the ages of 20 and 30 years old), you can also take advantage of the PRS Youth Incentive.

Under the Youth Incentive, the government will make a one-off contribution of RM1,000 to young PRS members who have accumulated a minimum gross contribution amount of RM1,000 during a period of two years. This incentive will be available between 2017 and 2018.

Monitor fund performance

Investing in PRS is a long-term game, the funds aren’t the type you can time like you would stocks or currency exchanges. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t need monitoring. You want to ensure you’re always invested in a fund with the best potential.

By monitoring your fund performance, you will be able to rebalance your portfolio and align it to your financial goals.

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CIMB Preferred customers can monitor their PRS funds in the following ways:

  • They can seek advice from their CIMB Preferred Relationship Manager on how their funds should be allocated to suit their needs.
  • Alternatively, for those who are more financially savvy and want to do it themselves, they can manage their fund allocation via CIMB Clicks.

Rebalance your contribution

It’s common to start saving a small percentage of your salary to your retirement fund early on in your career. We all start off our career with a smaller salary, but as we mature, our salary increases as well. With higher income, we can afford to increase our contributions towards our nest egg. This is something we must pay attention to as our retirement needs are largely calculated based on our last drawn salary. So you want to keep your retirement plans as close to that figure as possible. That means keeping it up to date.

You can set your contribution by percentage, just like how you are contributing towards your EPF savings. If you are contributing 10% of your income instead of a set amount, your contribution amount will automatically increase when your salary increase as well.

Due to compounding interest and the long time frame, increasing your contribution makes a huge impact:


Based on the three scenarios above, the best option would be to go for an auto increase contribution as shown in Scenario C. By setting your contribution by percentage, your contribution will automatically increase when you get a pay hike.

Investing in PRS can be easy and with the right provider, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. An important thing to remember when choosing the right PRS provider is to ensure that they are able to help you achieve your retirement goals. This includes providing you with a wide variety of PRS funds with proven performance to choose from, and easing the process of transaction and monitoring of funds.

CIMB Preferred, in partnership with CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad, provides you with a PRS plan that gives you comprehensive solution to help you boost your retirement savings with personalised service that best suits you.

To know more about maximising your retirement savings through PRS with CIMB Preferred, call 1 300 885 300 or visit www.cimbpreferred.com.my today.



DISCLAIMER: The following Disclosure Documents have been duly registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”): CIMB-Principal PRS Plus^ First Replacement Disclosure Document dated 31 July 2014 and its First Supplemental Disclosure Document dated 2 March 2015 and CIMB Islamic PRS Plus^ First Replacement Disclosure Document (Shariah-compliant Private Retirement Scheme) dated 31 July 2014 and its First Supplement Disclosure Document (Shariah-compliant Private Retirement Scheme) dated 2 March 2015 (collectively refers as “Disclosure Documents”). We recommend that you read and understand the contents of these Disclosure Documents before contributing and that you keep the said Disclosure Documents for your records. Any issue of units to which the Disclosure Documents relate will only be made upon receipt of the completed application form referred to in and accompanying the Disclosure Documents, subject to the terms and conditions therein. You can obtain copies of the Disclosure Documents from the head office of CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad or from any of our approved distributors. There are fees and charges involved in contributing in the private retirement scheme. We suggest that you consider these fees and charges carefully prior to making a contribution. Unit prices and income distributions, if any, may fall or rise. Past performance is not reflective of future performance and income distributions are not guaranteed. Product Highlights Sheet (PHS) is available and investors have the rights to request for a PHS; and the PHS and any other product disclosure document should be read and understood before making any investment decision. For specific risks associated with Private Retirement Scheme, please refer to the Disclosure Documents. ^The name “PRS plus” is the name of the private retirement scheme solution by the PRS Provider. It does not in any way connote or warrant that this Scheme will necessarily outperform other private retirement schemes or have additional features that may be lacking in other private retirement scheme solutions. 

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