Pros And Cons Of Applying For A Car Loan

car loan

Car loans are without a doubt useful in times of your desperate need to purchase a car when you may be financially restricted. However, it is only fair that we understand both the pros and cons of taking out a car loan. It is better to be fully equipped with the knowledge of the worst you might face rather than be ignorant and unprepared.

The key benefit is obvious:

Payments through instalments are easier

For instance, with a hire purchase agreement, you can spread the whole amount needed to buy your car into bits of instalments over a number of years. Although paying in cash is a good way to purchase a car (as you incur no interest charges), not many of us can afford to do so. With a car loan, you can pay for the vehicle you would otherwise not have the funds for.

So, the bank lends you the money, you get your dream car, you make a prompt payment every month and everybody is happy.

Yet, there are few drawbacks here:

Ownership and possession rights

Ownership and possession rights are two different things. If you take up a hire purchase agreement to finance your car, in a strict sense, you are only “renting” the car. The true ownership of the car belongs to the bank. Clearly, you cannot sell any part of the car or the car itself until you have completed the whole payment.

The right to repossess the car

In the event you are not able to make your monthly repayment, bear in mind that the bank has the right to repossess your car. In such a case, you would have to pay the full outstanding amount to claim back your car.

Should you deal with a registered car dealer, or only with the bank?

There is no correct answer for this, except a list of things you could expect from each source. Car dealers are usually fast in their work process and although profit-centered, may sometimes offer promotions/discounts that could make purchasing a car from them cheaper.

On the other hand, banks may be less convenient than the car dealers in terms of their work processes, but going to the bank offers the opportunity to choose a car from a variety of places.

Final note on car loan application

Don’t just settle on the first car loan deal you find. Look around, compare and evaluate the choices you have. These car loans can differ in fee structure and interest, and small changes in interest rates can make a huge difference in the amount you pay over a number of years.

For a complete comparison of car loans in Malaysia, check out our car loan comparison page!

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