Money Saving Deals To Check Out This Merdeka Day



Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!” Those were the golden words uttered by Tunku Abdul Rahman, on August 31, 1957 at Dataran Merdeka, followed by the sweet roar of the nation. It marked Malaysia’s independence after 446 long years of colonisation.

Other than celebrating our independence, our national day is also a good time to catch some sweet deals and save some money. Here are some things you can get during this period and save some money!

1. Get a new smartphone

If you need a new phone, now is the best time to get the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 for as low as RM199 with Maxis. This Merdeka offer is also open to non-Maxis subscribers and is valid until August 31, 2014.

If you have missed the boat, check out the best mobile plan in Malaysia on our mobile plan comparison page, and maybe you’ll still snag a great deal!

2. Grow your money faster

Like the idea of putting your money in a low-risk fixed deposit (FD) account? Look out for great Merdeka FD deals, like the one offered by Ambank and Public Bank.

Ambank is offering a promotional rate for FD up to 3.70% for 9 months for Term-Deposit-i and Am50Plus Term Deposit-i while 57 winners have the chance to win promotional FD rate of 8.31% per annum. This promotion lasts till September 19, 2014.

Public Bank has also stepped up its FD rates this Merdeka till September 30, 2014 with the following rates breakdown:-

merdeka1*Rollover refers to reinvesting funds from a mature FD into a new issue of FD.

Find out about other FD plans in Malaysia now.

3. Buy a car with great discounts

If you are planning to purchase a car, this national day may just bring you the best deals to save money. You may have missed some great rebate deals by other car brands, but you can still get a great ride from Mitsubishi!


But first, do you know what you should consider before getting a new car?

4. Pamper yourself without breaking your bank

With the long weekend approaching, you can still pamper yourself and stick to your budget. With various Merdeka deals, shopping for something to cheer you up doesn’t have to cost too much. One of the deals we spied is OSIM products. Grab some of these online deals, valid until September 2, 2014.


5. Buy jewellery at an attractive price

Buying gold at the jewellery store is a form of investment, and if you manage to snag great deals, the better the return of investment will be.

Poh Kong is offering a wide range of diamonds, gems, pearl, jade and other jewellery from as low as RM190. Promotions valid till September 1, 2014.

Saving money may seem like a hard thing to do – especially if you need to cut down on expenses by letting go of some things. As you can see here, by timing your spending, you can still get the things that you want, at a much lower price!

To save is not necessarily a painful process. Learn other ways you can save while preserving the environment.

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