Flood Relief: How To Get Or Send Help

Flood Relief: How To Get Or Send Help

Malaysia’s worst flooding in years has displaced more than 30,000 people across eight states, mostly in Selangor and Pahang. If you’ve been affected by the floods, or if you are able to help, we’ve compiled a list of resources you can turn to.

Evacuation or emergency aid

If you need emergency assistance, or know someone who does, The New Straits Times has put together a number of hotlines you could call. However, Malaysians on social media pointed out that they weren’t able to contact the National Disaster Crisis Centre’s (NDCC) hotline at 03-8064 2400.

The Selangor government has opened these additional emergency hotlines for those affected.

Apart from the hotlines above, the New Straits Times also reported that you can reach out to the following numbers for help.

Selangor Disaster Management Unit: 03-5035 0920
Klang City Council: 03-3374 8845
Shah Alam City Council: 03-5522 2787
Kuala Langat City Council: 03-3182 2566
Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital: 03-3323 9478
Klang Health District Office: 03-3323 9554
PDRM Klang Selatan: 03-3372 2222
PDRM Klang Utara: 03-3291 3344
Welfare Department: 03-3341 3703
Works Department : 03-3371 4040
Selangor Drainage and Irrigation Department: 03-3371 2464
Civil Defence Force: 03-3371 0820

Temporary shelter

Apart from temporary shelters that have been set up by authorities, some places of worship and public areas are offering shelter to those affected. These include:

Financial aid

The government recently announced that it will contribute RM1,000 for each household affected by the floods. In addition, the Bantuan Wang Ihsan payments, which were increased from RM500 RM1,000 per household in September, will be expedited.

The government is in discussion with banks to offer payment assistance programmes for borrowers affected by the floods. Further details are expected to be shared later.

If you’re interested in giving financial aid, many non-profit organisations (NGOs) and flood relief programmes are accepting donations:

  • MERCY Malaysia is an NGO that focuses on providing medical relief, sustainable health related development and risk reduction. Your funds will be used to cover medical assistance, hygiene supplies, food assistance and other relief items.
  • Maribantu is an online donation platform launched by the Malaysia United Democratic Alliance (Muda). Your funds will be used for necessities, food and financial aid.
  • Happy Bank is an NGO that aims to support and help underprivileged communities. Your funds will be used to provide affected families with care packages containing food and other necessities.
  • We Listen Malaysia is an NGO that delivers aid to Malaysians in need. They are accepting donations to help those affected to restore their homes and receive basic necessities.
  • MyCARE provides humanitarian relief across Southeast Asia. It raises funds all-year round for those affected by floods. Your funds are used to cover food packages, maternity supplies and other necessities.
  • Kembara Kitchen is sending meals to those stuck or sent to evacuation centers.
  • MyFundAction is an organisation that empowers youth through Islamic values. They are accepting donations to provide food and hygiene kits.

General aid

Some organisations are accepting donations of basic supplies. There are also those looking for volunteers to help with rescue efforts or distributing necessities. Maribantu needs volunteers to help with flood cleanups and aid distribution. The Muslim Student Association of Selangor (PEPIAS) is also looking for flood volunteers.

If you own a boat or four-wheeler, you can also help with rescue efforts. The Loud Asians has put together this public Google Sheet where you can volunteer to help with transportation and other aid. You can also request for aid.

What to do if you’re facing floods

If you’re currently experiencing flooding, avoid walking in moving water – even six inches of moving water can make you fall. Avoid driving in water as well, as it can damage your car. Notify your friends and family of your location, and keep an eye out for updates from official government channels. Here’s a useful guide to preparing for a flood, what to do during a flood, and what you should do after the flood. Stay safe out there.

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