How Much Is Kindergarten Going To Cost You In 2024?

How Much Is Kindergarten Going To Cost You In 2024?

If you are a parent just planning to send your toddler to preschool or kindergarten (also referred to as taska and tadika by many Malaysians), be prepared to put aside a chunk of your monthly budget.

There were reports of fee hikes before the 2023 school year started. With Malaysia battling high inflation and a weak ringgit on the economic front for most of 2023, parents may have to prepare to still pay out more for their toddlers schooling in 2024.

What may come as a surprise to parents who are sending their children to schooling for the first time is that preschool and kindergarten prices can vary wildly. It can range anywhere from affordable to jaw-droppingly expensive. As such, it is recommended for parents to start doing their research now to find the right preschool for their children; balancing location, quality, and cost.

What to look for in a preschool or kindergarten?

Before you decide on a kindergarten or preschool, here are a few additional factors to consider:

  • Curriculum – Looks for schools that best balances academic, social, emotional, and physical development.
  • Educational approach – Every preschool has its own unique style of teaching. Find one that suits your child’s learning style.
  • Qualifications – Qualified and experienced teachers can help stimulate your child’s growth and development.
  • Resources – Try to find a preschool that is well-equipped with appropriate learning materials and play areas.
  • Health and safety – Ensure that the preschool prioritises your child’s health and safety above all else.
  • Class size – Smaller class sizes tend to mean that the teacher dedicates more time to each child under their care.

Besides the factors outlined above, another two major factors not shown above are the distance and cost. As any working parent with children in preschool or kindergarten will tell you, the location has to be within reach of their daily commute to and back from work. Imagine if you have to add another 2 hours taking your child to kindergarten on top of your already long commute to get to work!

If you have more than one child in preschool or kindergarten, the cost because another major factor because it means double the fees and expenses each month.

Guide to preschool and kindergarten fees in Malaysia

While there was a major price hike after the pandemic due to the prolonged shutdown of physical classes combined with minimum salary hike, there may be more increases for 2024.

While there are cheaper options offered by the government and other welfare and religious bodies, they may not be accessible or convenient to many parents due to location or their individual needs. With that being said, here are the current average cost ranges for some kindergarten and preschool options within Selangor and Kuala Lumpur :

Kindergarten/PreschoolFeaturesCost (RM)

The Children’s House- Montessori education
- Holistic learning
- Multicultural environment
Registration: 1,000
5,400 to 7,500 per term
+60 3-6203 3833
R.E.A.L Kids- Interdisciplinary learning
- Play/Game-based learning
- Project based learning
Starting 535 per month+603 2330 1049
Odyssey Global Preschool- Global curriculum
- Inquiry-based learning
- Language immersion
- Reggio Emilia style
Registration: 2,000
9,900 to 11,400 per term
+603 6203 3733
Excel Preschool- Montessori education
- Outdoor play encouraged
Starting 350 to 700 per month+601 6370 8878 / +601 6739 6636
Q-Dees- Creative curriculum
- Active learning
- Parental involvement
Starting 500 to 1,0001700-81-5077
Little Angel Kindergarten- Holistic learning
- Learning through playing methodology
From 390 to 870601 2385 9830
Little Urban Forest- Outdoor learning
- Nature-based learning
- Hands-on activities
From 1,650 to 1950+601 4332 5466 / +603 7971 4466
Himawari Preschool- Japanese-inspired education style
- Nurture independent learners
- Foster analytical minds
From 1,000+601 0264 3935
Children’s Discovery House- Child-centric approach
- Experiential learning
- Social-emotional development
Contact to inquire+603 6203 7001 (Mont Kiara/Ampang)
+603 2201 7009 (Bangsar)
Beaconhouse Newlands Early Years- International standards
- Diverse learning experiences
- Well-equipped facilities
From 21,000 to 25,800 per year+603 7865 0453 / +601 8216 8008
Al Fateh Sinar Genius- Islamic preschool
- KSPK & Permata style
From 350 to 700011-3127 2823
Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia Kindergartens- Part of existing Government schools (SK, SJKC, SJKT, SABK) that offer kindergarten classesFree apart from miscellaneous annual costs and donations of 100 to 150
KEMAS, Unity Preschools, religious schools preschools (MAIWP, JAIS)- alternative to private preschools; offered by the government, welfare and religious bodies Average monthly fees of 5 to 60
Annual cost from 90 to over 300

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it might give you an idea of what kind of kindergartens and preschools that are available and the price range you can come to expect. 

Tax reliefs and other incentives for parents

Thankfully, you are able to claim tax relief for childcare which include preschool and kindergarten fees. You can claim up to RM3,000 per year.

Other related childcare tax reliefs which you may qualify include

  • Purchase of breastfeeding equipment (claim allowed once every 2 years) – RM1,000
  • Purchase of sports equipment for any sports activity as defined under the Sports Development Act 1997 for self, spouse or child – RM500
  • Deposits in SSPN’s scheme (net deposit is the total deposit minus total withdrawal for the year of assessment) – RM8,000

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Just remember, higher price does not necessarily mean better quality education for your child. The best course of action is to pick a kindergarten that fits your childrens’ learning style the best, then consider the price point and location of the preschool.

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