How Do I Apply For A PTPTN Loan?

How Do I Apply For A PTPTN Loan?

According to the late Nelson Mandela, education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. In fact, proper education is one of the best legacy parents can leave for their children. However, not all parents could afford sending their children to university.

With the cost of education escalating, without an education fund set up by the parents, children would have to opt for a scholarship, or failing that, get an education loan.

One of the most feasible education loans with one of lowest interest repayment is the National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN). Here’s an example:

Type Of Education
Loan amountInterest rateRepayment
period (years)
RepaymentTotal interest
(based on Ujrah)

Commercial BankRM60,0008%10RM95,329RM35,329

Compared to a local commercial bank, you save at least RM23,570 less by taking up a PTPTN loan.

Here’s everything you need to know on applying for PTPTN loans:

1. Am I eligible to apply for PTPTN?

Here is a list of criteria to be eligible for PTPTN:

If you checked all of the above, then you are eligible to apply for PTPTN.

2. Will PTPTN cover all education level?

Education LevelInstitutions approved by PTPTN
Full-time DiplomaYesYesYes
Part-time DiplomaYesYes#Yes
Long distance DiplomaYesNoNo
Advanced DiplomaYesNoYes
Full-time First Bachelor’s DegreeYesYesNo
Part-time First Bachelor’s DegreeYesYes#No
Master’s DegreeYesNoNo
Professional CourseYesNoNo
* Limited to students in MMU, UNITEN, UTP, UNIRAZAK and UNITAR.
# Limited to students in UNITEM, UNITAR, WOU and AeU.

3. Will PTPTN cover my overseas education or related courses?

a. Foreign based pre-university programmes

PTPTN won’t cover foreign based pre-university programmes like A-levels, Certificate of Pre-University (CPU), International Baccalaureate (IB) or Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT).

 b. Twinning programmes

As for twinning programmes, PTPTN will only cover financing of your course of study in Malaysia. For example, you are doing a 4-year twinning Engineering programme, with the first two years in Malaysia and the following two years in London, PTPTN will only cover the funding for the first two years. You are on your own after that, but you can apply for scholarship or other private education loans.

c. Foreign education programmes

If you are planning to study overseas completely, this won’t be covered under PTPTN too. You will have to opt for scholarship or consider other private education loans.

PTPTN loan

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4. How much loan amount will I be entitled to?

There are two aspects that PTPTN will consider before deciding on how much loan you will be eligible for:

a. Parents’ or guardian’s status and income range

The amount of PTPTN financing is determined by the parents’ or guardian’s status as a BR1M aid recipient and net income, after deducting the number of dependants.

Education FundingMonthly Household Net Income (RM)
Maximum (100%)BR1M recipient
75% of the maximumNOT BR1M recipient, with an income of up to RM8,000
50% of the maximumNOT BR1M recipient, with an income of more than RM8,000

b. Course or institution

Depending on which institution, what course, which education level and which schedule (full or part time) you are pursuing:


IPTA & POLYTECHNIC**Diploma**4,7503,5602,380
Bachelor’s Degree6,6504,9903,330
Bachelor’s Degree (Arts)6,1804,6303,090
Master’s Degree9,5007,1304,750
Professional Course5,7004,2802,850
Diploma (Pharmacy, Dentistry and Health Sciences)12,7509,5606,380
Bachelor’s Degree (Science)14,03010,5207,010
Bachelor’s Degree (Arts)13,60010,2006,800
Bachelor’s Degree (Pharmacy, Dentistry and Health Sciences)17,00012,7508,500
Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine (MBBS)30,00030,00030,000


IPTA & POLYTECHNIC**Diploma**4,750
Bachelor’s Degree6,180
Master’s Degree9,500
Professional Course5,700
Bachelor’s Degree3,570
* PTPTN loan for part-time study at IPTS is only available for OUM, WOU, UniRazak, AeU and Unitar.
** Funding to polytechnic only applies for Diploma level studies.

5. How do I apply for PTPTN loan?

Step 1Open an individual account in the bank specified by the respective institution:
  • View list of banks for IPTA and Polytechnic students

  • View list of banks for IPTS students
  • Step 2Purchase a RM5.00 PIN NO at any Bank Simpanan Nasional branch

    • This PIN NO only lasts for 6 months, after that you will need to reapply.

    • You will need to key in this PIN NO into the NO PTPTN column when you
      apply for PTPTN loan online.

    • This PIN NO will be unique to different applicants and you will be using this
      PIN NO for all your PTPTN related matters.
    Step 3
      Open an SSPN-i account at Maybank, Bank Rakyat, Bank Islam or Agrobank to get
      a SSPN-i account number.
    Step 4Apply through PTPTN’s online loan application website. There are many documents
    and forms to fill up, and there are strict requirements and guidelines on how to fulfil
    each step in the application process.
    How to fill up the form online
    Step 5 Successful applicants need to log on to the PTPTN online loan application website
    to print the relevant documents.
    Step 6 Submit printed and supporting documents to the PTPTN officer of your institution.

    • Financing Application Information (to be printed by clicking on the PRINT
      INFORMATION button after applying online).

    • Copy of your MyKad. Photocopy of the front and back of the MyKad must appear
      on the same page.

    • Copy of your Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM/ SPMV/ STPM) result slip. The result slip
      must not exceed 2 years from the year of examination.

    • Copy of the admission offer into the IPTA/IPTS you have been offered a place.
      This offer letter must be certified by the IPTA/IPTS.

    • Copy of bank account passbook (page where the account number is displayed) /
      bank deposit slip / verification of personal account number by the bank specified
      by the IPTA/IPTS.

    • Copy of examination transcript and other admission qualification certificates
      for Diploma/ Matriculation/ Bachelors/ Masters.

    • Copy of salary slip / individual income tax return / retiree card/ pension
      statement / income verification letter / letter of confirmation of unemployment
      (yours if you are working, your parents or guardian and your spouse if you are

    • Letter of Confirmation / Declaration of the Social Welfare Department /
      Central Zakat from the relevant Agency if you or your parents/guardian are
      receiving any of these financial aid monthly.

    • Work Experience Verification Letter from Employer (if you are working)

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    6. By when should I apply for my PTPTN loan?  

    Not many are aware that the online application for PTPTN must be submitted at specific dates according to your respective IPTA or IPTS. Both IPTA and IPTS have different dates open to students’ application for this popular loan.

    It is also advisable for you to reconfirm these dates with your institution’s student affairs department.

    7. Do I need to pay insurance for my PTPTN loan?

    In addition, students are required to pay insurance on the amount borrowed. This insurance deduction is to protect their loan based on their study period and loan repayment period. The insurance deduction will be done every semester on their behalf by PTPTN when the loans are disbursed.

    PTPTN loan

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    8. When will I receive my loan funds?

    The first time loan disbursement will be made only after the loan agreement is complete and received by PTPTN. The valid offer period is within 14 days from the date of the Offer Letter. The loan disbursement for subsequent semesters will only be made after PTPTN receives the student’s status of study from the respective institutions. The loan disbursements will be credited into the student’s account unless agreed upon otherwise.

    The loan duration is based on the semester of your application. If the application was made during your second semester, the loan will be approved from the second semester onwards until completion of study.

     9. Can I reapply for a second loan to fund my higher studies?

    You can. However, you must be furthering your studies to a higher level from your previous loan tenure. For example, your first loan was to fund your Degree and now you want to pursue your Masters. You need not settle your first loan until you have completed your second round of studies. Upon completion, you will need to start paying for both the loans.

    However, if you want to apply for a second PTPTN loan for your second degree, then you will be required to settle your first loan before you can apply for the second one.

    The loan application procedure is the same as when you applied for your first loan.

    10. What if I default on my PTPTN loan?

    You will be responsible for repaying the total amount disbursed by PTPTN, including other costs such as fees, insurance coverage, and Duty Stamp as stated in your PTPTN loan Letter of Offer. You will exempted from paying your PTPTN loan if you obtained your Bachelor Degree with First Class Honour. If not, repayment will begin 6 months after the completion of your studies.

    If you fail to do so, you will receive a repayment notice on the seventh month after the completion of study. If there is no response from you within 60 days after the repayment notice is sent out, you will be sent a First Reminder. You will then be expected to pay or respond within 60 days. If you still fail to do so, you will receive a second reminder. You will be expected to pay or respond within 90 days.

    If you fail to do so, you will be issued the Final Reminder by PTPTN or their panel of lawyers. You will be expected to pay or respond within 90 days.

    If you still fail to pay or respond to the reminders, a Letter of Demand (LOD) will be issued. You will be expected to pay all the stated in the LOD. If the LOD is returned by POS Malaysia, PTPTN will proceed to take legal action against you.

    PTPTN loans

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    When you receive the LOD, PTPTN will equally blacklist you from leaving the country with the cooperation of the Immigration Department. You will also not be able to apply or renew their passports.

    In order to remove you from the blacklist, you will be expected to settle the PTPTN financing in full. However, you can still negotiate for instalment or other methods of payment at this stage.

    If you still do not respond within 6 months after the issuance of LOD, you will be subjected to enforcement of summons. If the summons has been filed against you, you will have to settle in full the total financing including all legal costs. Execution of Judgement will be enforced if you fail to settle the total financing in full.

    Failure to repay your loan will also lead you to have a bad credit record under Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS).

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