5 Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day


“Happy International Women’s Day” is not something that is commonly uttered in Malaysia. For those who don’t know, this international observance falls on March 8 every year.

For most Malaysians, it may not be a celebrated day, but it is never too late to show the women in your life how awesome they are.


iMoney has put together five ways to show your appreciation to the important women in your life:

1. Getting a supplementary card for your wife/mother

Nothing spells trust more than a supplementary card for your wife or girlfriend. A simple, plastic card signifies so many things – trust, generosity and love.

Other than making your other half happy, you also get to collect reward points from her spending. Heard of the saying, two is better than one? In this context, two persons spending is way better than one and you’ll get higher accumulated points in no time!

However, before you do that, do some research on how having a supplementary card will affect the both of you. Some supplementary cards charge an annual fee and most of them are based on shared credit limit. Consequently, your credit limit will lowered with an amount allocated for the supplementary card.

2. Renewing your mum’s car insurance

A famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson goes, “Men are what their mothers made them.” If Emerson was alive to celebrate International Women’s Day, he would probably get something thoughtful for his mother.

If you are cracking your head figuring what to get for your mother, we suggest renewing her motor insurance for her this year. It is a gift that is both thoughtful and one that offers you peace of mind knowing your mother is protected by insurance.

To make it even better, you now can get it without leaving your seat. Just compare all the motor insurance available here, and apply for the one that will fit your mother’s needs.

3. Starting a unit trust fund for your daughter

A daughter is a gift of love. Daddy’s girl. All these old sayings are just a testament of the beautiful relationship between a father and a daughter.

It goes without saying that this empowering day should be celebrated with your daughter(s). Children are a parent’s constant worry – regardless of how old they are. One way to lessen this worry is to secure your child’s future by providing them with financial security.

Investing in unit trust fund is a good place to start because it is relatively affordable, low risk and it is a long-term investment. Find out more about investing in unit trust before you make that decision.

4. Buying a home to share with your wife

Having a roof over your head has many a time been equated to security. For most, providing that security to their loved ones is the best gift they could give.

As International Women’s Day is a way to show our appreciation for the fairer sex, providing a home for your loved one is the best way to express that. With sayings like, “home is where the heart is”, and “home sweet home”, it is obvious that home evokes the feeling of love and security for most families.

However, buying a home you cannot afford and one that can lead to financial woes, have just the opposite effect. Therefore, it is imperative for you and your partner to research, discuss and make a joint decision. Here is a good place to start.

5. Assuring your wife financially for retirement

Most people place retirement planning as their lowest priority, simply because most people live from paycheck to paycheck and do not really have any extra to put into a retirement fund.

Further, with the increment of minimum retirement age to 60 years old, most Malaysians can expect to live for approximately 20 years with minimal to no income post-employment. And what about inflation? By the time you retire, a plate of chicken rice may even cost as much as RM8, if not more.

It is indeed a scary thought. To give this financial assurance to your wife is a great gift and when it comes to retirement planning, the earlier you start, the better off you are.

Find out more about retirement planning here.

There are various ways you can make the women in your life feel appreciated and loved. And who says this can only be done on International Women’s Day. Make your mother, wife and daughter feel empowered and valued every day.

Start planning the biggest gift of their life – financial security – now. Happy International Women’s Day!

Do you have other gift ideas for your loved ones? Share with us some of your ideas in the comment section below. 

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