Here’s How To Get 5 Times Rewards With Your Petrol Top Up

Here’s How To Get 5 Times Rewards With Your Petrol Top Up

Refueling is something all drivers have to do, and for most of us, petrol costs take up a big portion of our monthly budgets. As a result, we are always on the lookout for the best way to get more / earn more out of this necessary expense.

A popular method is to get cashback from credit cards, from petrol purchases – everyone likes seeing cash credited into their accounts.

We have a way that’s 5X more rewarding – Setel

What is Setel?

Setel is a pay, pump and go mobile app that allows you to earn up to 5x the rewards at the pump without having to get down and use the credit card machine.

Setel works through a GPS based payment system where you pay for your petrol at over 740 PETRONAS stations through the app. All you need to do is confirm that the app has the right location, punch in your pump number, and then tell the app how much petrol you want.

What’s the advantage of paying for petrol while sitting in your car?

While the financial incentives are clearly good for your wallet, the real benefit of using Setel comes from how it addresses customer needs by creating a hassle-free payment experience at PETRONAS stations.

This comes from the convenience of not having to walk to the counter to pay for petrol; whether it be from not owning a credit/debit card or the added safety of minimising the time spent outside and away from your vehicle.

Setel helps you to stay safe while refuelling

It increases safety for single women who are making a stop to refuel their vehicle.

Helps parents traveling with young children by removing the hassle of forcing their children to follow, or take the risk of leaving their children in the car unsupervised while they make payment at the counter.

The biggest benefit for using Setel is being able to minimise contact & interaction at the petrol station. However, don’t forget to sanitise your hands after refueling.

This is an important step in lowering your exposure to infectious diseases, keeping your family safe (and not just during global pandemics).

Get petrol cashback from your credit cards

Just top-up your Setel account using a qualified credit card from AmBank, CIMB, Citi, Hong Leong, RHB, and UOB. Top-ups within Setel are now designated as petrol payments and are recognised by banks as qualifying for petrol-related cashback.

Everyone knows how to use a petrol cashback credit card but using Setel comes with way more convenience and choice.

If your credit card terms only offer petrol cashback when you refuel on weekends, you can now just top-up your Setel during the weekend, and pump anytime in the week. Meaning you no longer need to plan around fueling up your tank on the weekend.

Beyond that, there are even more rewards lined up when you use Setel to pay for petrol.

What extra rewards do you get when you use Setel?

Here’s how Setel goes beyond your standard credit card cashback:

  • Claim your 10% cashback
    For a limited time, new users are treated to 10% cashback on their first three transactions (min RM30 fuel purchase) made with the app. Nothing additional needs to be done, just pull up to your nearest Petronas station and fill up.
  • Collect your Mesra points
    Regardless of how you top up your account, all petrol purchases through Setel automatically accumulate Mesra points. These points can also be redeemed for even more petrol credit.
  • Earn another RM5 referral
    Don’t forget the ‘refer a friend’ bonus. You & your friend can both earn RM5 in credit for your friend signs up for Setel with your referral code and makes RM30 fuel purchase for the first time.
  • Get extra RM5 as an iMoney reader
    We spoke about quintuplet rewards, but so far only four have been listed here. This is because the last benefit from Setel comes through this article.
For more information about Setel’s current cashback campaigns, visit the official website here. Remember to for register for a Setel account on Google Play or the App Store. For a limited time only, register with the code c-money to get an additional RM5 in credit.

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