Egg Prices Have Been Reduced By 3 Sen

Egg Prices Have Been Reduced By 3 Sen

The government has recently announced that there will be a 3 sen reduction in price for eggs, particularly, grade A, B, and C eggs. This price reduction is set to take effect nationwide starting on 17 June and is cited as being a part of the government’s new subsidy initiative.

In a statement released by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, new prices for Grade A, B, and C eggs will be set at 42 sen, 40 sen, and 38 sen per egg, respectively. 

It was also noted that the subsidy provision would involve government expenditure of around RM100mil. This would cover roughly 10 sen per egg.

“I want to emphasise that the problems or issues related to the cost of living of the people will continue to be dealt with by the Government in a more proactive and effective manner,” the Prime Minister said.

Additionally, retail prices for eggs in Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan will be adjusted according to the respective zones and districts.

It appears that the government is not doing away with subsidies completely, and is instead focusing on managing them more efficiently to ensure that the ones who need these subsidies most will benefit from them.

This comes after the government recently scrapped the blanket diesel subsidy in order to help cope with the nation’s subsidy bill that cost nearly 80 billion ringgit last year alone.

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