The New Diesel Price Increased 50% Effective Today

The New Diesel Price Increased 50% Effective Today

The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Costs of Living (KPDN) has released a press release stating that the subsidy rationalisation for diesel will finally take place, effective today (10/6/24).

In the press release, the KPDN minister stated that in accordance with the announcement from the Ministry of Finance (MOF), KPDN will implement the new unsubsidised price for the diesel fuel, starting at RM3.35 per litre starting from 12.00 AM of 10 June 2024.

As per the previous announcement from the MOF, the new pricing for diesel will take effect at all petrol stations in Peninsula Malaysia only.

The new pricing will also not affect the previously mentioned 33 vehicle types, as they will still enjoy the rationalised diesel subsidy through the usage of the fleet cards distributed under the Subsidised Diesel Control System (SKDS).

Meanwhile, for public transportation vehicles and logistic vehicles using diesel who have received the approval for SKDS but haven’t received their fleet cards, the press release stated that they should keep their receipts so they can claim the difference back from MOF.

The procedure for the claim will be announced at a later date by the MOF.

New diesel price starting today

After the new announcement, here’s how the current fuel prices look;

RON95 : RM2.05 per litre (unchanged)

RON97 : RM3.47 per litre (unchanged)

Diesel : RM3.35 per litre (increase RM1.20)

Power Diesel: RM3.35 per litre (increase RM1.20)

How to make your SKDS application

For diesel vehicle owners who are eligible for the SKDS but still haven’t made their application, you can do so through the MySubsidi page.

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