You Can Now Buy Takaful Insurance For Your Pet Cat

You Can Now Buy Takaful Insurance For Your Pet Cat

Yes, you read that right! Zurich Malaysia (Zurich) has recently announced a collaboration with Oyen, Malaysia’s leading pet insurance platform. This collaboration has produced Asia’s first-ever cat takaful product called ‘Oyen Takaful Kucing’.

While pet insurance is nothing new, if not a little obscure, this new offering is tailored to address an increasing demand for takaful pet coverage.

Coverage up to RM8,000 for your pet cat

The Oyen Takaful Kucing offers comprehensive coverage of up to RM8,000 for unexpected vet bills when a customer’s pet cat falls ill or is injured. One of its biggest features that sets it apart is the seamless submission, processing, and tracking of claims through Oyen’s AI-enhanced application. This helps to simplify the experience greatly for pet owners.

This insurance is a Shariah-compliant product.  It provides pet owners with coverage plans which are aligned to the Islamic principles and values of mutual protection and shared responsibility.

“We believe that this product aligns with the evolving needs of pet owners and supports our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

“Zurich is proud to be part of this venture, and we look forward to making a meaningful impact on the pet insurance and takaful industries in Malaysia,” said Shamsul Azman, Chief Executive Officer of Zurich General Takaful Malaysia Berhad.

Provide quality veterinarian care with network of 1,000 clinics

Thanks to its extensive network of close to 1,000 vet clinics and hospitals across all 14 states in Malaysia, Oyen is a dominant presence in the pet insurance market. This also puts them in a unique position to cater to the ever-changing needs of pet owners.

“We have seen growing interest from pet owners who prefer takaful as a protection option for themselves and their family (including their pets).

“With our new takaful offering with Zurich, a leading global brand, we look forward to helping more Malaysian pet owners afford high quality veterinarian care that is comparable to that of developed nations like UK, Japan, and Sweden,” added Kevin Hoong, co-founder & CEO of Oyen.

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