Zurich Malaysia Introduces Online Appointment Booking System

Zurich Malaysia Introduces Online Appointment Booking System

With the world becoming more interconnected than ever, Zurich Malaysia seeks to streamline its customer experience, boost operational efficiency, and improve service quality. In line with this, the company introduced Microsoft Booking, an innovative approach to simplifying the customer appointment process. 

The integration with Microsoft Teams, a widely used office productivity tool, seamlessly connects customers with Zurich Malaysia’s customer experience (CX) teams. With Microsoft Booking integrated into the Office 365 calendar, customers can seamlessly locate time slots to connect with CX staff and book customised appointments. This greatly streamlines the booking process and customers will receive email notifications with a link that allows them to join-in remotely from any location.

According to Zurich Malaysia, since the introduction of the solution in October 2022,  the Transactional Net Promoter Score for branch enquiries in Q1 2023 has improved by a respectable 17 percent compared to Q1 2022. In addition to this, Zurich also reported a positive trend in policy retention, with 11 percent year-on-year growth during the same period. 

The success of the Online Appointment Booking system and the positive scoring results have further inspired the CX team at Zurich Malaysia to push the boundaries even further and strive for even greater and efficient customer experience.

With this system in place, customers now have the ability to schedule virtual appointments at their leisure and in their preferred language. This means that travel time has been taken out of the picture and customers can enjoy a convenient, eco-friendly environment to connect with the CX team. 

Recognising Zurich Malaysia’s outstanding efforts, the Insurance Asia Awards 2023 awarded the company with the Customer Service Initiative of the Year -– Malaysia award. This prestigious acknowledges Zurich Malaysia’s commitment to delivering exceptional products, services, and solutions that have a significant positive impact on its valued customers.

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