Wavpay Introduces New Omni Channel eWallet Programme

Wavpay Introduces New Omni Channel eWallet Programme

Wavpay announced the introduction of a new payment programme, the Omni Channel Wallet Programme.

This new initiative will utilise Wavpay’s existing eWallet service.  The app will include a number of additional features including the facilitation of transactions and engagement with targeted users.

Digital transformation support for businesses

The announcement was made in conjunction with the Selangor International Business Summit 2023 (SIBS2023).  SIBS is an initiative by the Selangor State Government. This programme is one step in transforming Wavpay’s app into a Super App that aims to enhance user engagement.

Wavpay seeks to seamlessly integrate financial management and payment features. This integration is intended to boost engagement between businesses and their users while also delivering additional value and convenience. 

Integrate across platforms

The Omni Channel Wallet Programme will seamlessly integrate across various platforms. The aim is to grant users access to a unified digital, and cashless experience.

“With the introduction of Wavpay’s Omni Channel Wallet Programme, we are taking a significant step in redefining the digital financial landscape to be more inclusive,” said Brahma Shakthi, Chief Executive Officer of Wavpay.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of change, offering secure and efficient financial services and this feature introduction is a beginning to our journey of promoting digitalisation in transaction within our community,” he added.

Collaborative agreement with Mydin

Wavpay has also inked its first collaborative agreement with Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad (Mydin). This collaboration will embed  the Wavpay Omni Channel Wallet feature into its app.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Wavpay, a step we believe aligns with our commitment to promote further cashless transactions amongst our customers. This collaboration with Wavpay signifies our first step into leading and providing solutions that prioritises the convenience of our customer,” said Datuk Wira (Dr) Hj Ameer Ali Mydin, Managing Director of Mydin.

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