Start Investing With Just RM100 On Versa Invest

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Start Investing With Just RM100 On Versa Invest

Versa is expanding their product range in Versa Invest. The platform now offers affordable wealth management to Malaysians through three different types of low to high risk investment funds — Versa Conservative, Versa Moderate and Versa Growth.

These products are offered through a pooled investment fund managed by top global fund managers such as Blackrock, PIMCO, Vanguard and HSBC.  Users are able to diversify their investments across active and passive funds, allowing them to benefit from investment instruments that were once only available to the high net worth individuals.

Versa Invest allows investors to access institutional-grade investment without the constant fear of hidden or additional costs. Investors can focus on increasing their long-term revenue with no upfront charges or being 3-5% down each time an investment is made. With zero entry and exit fees, investors can truly dedicate their efforts to earning 100% of what they invest, starting with a low minimum investment of only RM100.

Those new to investing, worry not! Versa employs an intuitive and sleek interface design that is easy to use even for novice investors. 

According to Richmond Yau, Versa’s Chief Operating Officer, Versa’s key product ethos is all about simplicity. Users are able to onboard in under 7 minutes and make a deposit in just 3 clicks. Versa Invest was designed exclusively only for Versa users to level the playing field allowing for easy access to premium funds by global top fund managers.

In addition, Versa will be launching two Versa-exclusive funds, aimed to achieve broad diversification whilst minimising risks with fees that are as low as possible. Nelson Wong, Chief Technology Officer with Versa explains that this could be a great option for new investors who wish to boost their finances, but lack the knowledge or desire to continuously watch the market and pick individual funds.

The company also offers Versa Cash, a low risk money market investment fund investment which was launched last year. This allows Malaysians to save at higher than fixed deposit rates (2.4% per annum) without any lock-ins while also creating opportunities for users to learn about investing or timing their entry into investing.

To help you start your investment journey, Versa is offering new customers a sign up bonus of RM20, with the use of promo code VINVEST20 or VCASH20 and a minimum deposit of RM100 into Versa Invest or Versa Cash respectively. Please note that each user is only eligible to claim one reward. For more information, click here.

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