Securities Commission Malaysia Warns Of Logo Misuse

Securities Commission Malaysia Warns Of Logo Misuse

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has issued a warning to the public, cautioning everyone, especially investors, about certain entities and companies’ unauthorised use of the SC’s name and logo in promotional materials for their investment products.

In this case, the SC wishes to emphasise that it does not endorse or approve any cash trust investment products in the market. As such, any use of the SC’s name and logo in cash trust investment promotional materials is prohibited. The warning comes as a result of two companies being identified using the SC’s name and logo in their promotional materials for cash trust investment products without permission. They have since been instructed to remove all references to the SC from all related promotional materials.

This is a matter that the SC is taking seriously as this unauthorised use of their logo may cause the public to believe that the SC endorses certain cash trust products, when in reality they do not.

The SC would also like to remind the public that videos on cash trusts produced by the SC are solely for educational purposes. They are not made with the intent to be reproduced by trust companies in relation to their cash trust investment products.

Should the public encounter any suspicious activities or misleading investment information, especially with regards to the misuse of the SC logo, they are strongly encouraged to report this directly to the SC. This will help protect other investors from potential risks and assist them in making informed investment decisions.

The SC’s Consumer and Investor Office can be reached at +603 6204 8999 or through email for reports or enquiries.

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