Transport Minister Explains Opposition To Singapore’s Seletar Airport

Transport Minister Explains Opposition To Singapore’s Seletar Airport

Transport Minister Anthony Loke has explained his opposition to Singapore’s new Seletar airport. Loke said that the proposed Instrument Landing System (ILS) would increase risks around the Pasir Gudang port and affect development across the state of Johor.

The Ministry of Transportation published a video on its Facebook page outlining the problems that the Seletar ILS would impose on Malaysia. Demonstrating that the angle of descent required would prevent development due to height restrictions. Loke even pointed out that high-angle cranes would exceed the maximum height allowed.

Having planes descent of landing over Pasir Gudang would also impact the safety of the port area.

An ILS helps guide aircraft land at an airport. It deploys a variety of positioning sensors that tell the planes how to approach a runway; providing information about approach speed, angle, and height. All of which allow planes to land safely in bad weather conditions.

As it stands, the Seletar ILS brings planes from the north down over Johor. Malaysia’s counter proposal would have these planes circle around to approach the airport from the south instead.

Singapore had earlier released documents pertaining to its consultation with Malaysia about the proposed ILS. However, Loke claimed that the materials shared were carefully selected to support Singapore’s point, and had omitted information from Malaysia’s side.


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