Choosing The Right Township Can Make Or Break Your Property Investment

Choosing The Right Township Can Make Or Break Your Property Investment

The challenge faced by most Malaysians is finding a suitable property to invest in.

Do you search for a property within your budget and settle for a house at your price point just outside the city? In doing that, you will need to consider factors such as good connectivity and strategic location for it to be a worthwhile investment in the long-term.

The surrounding township where the property is located can make a world of difference years down the road.

Subang Jaya was once a palm oil plantation situated next to an airport runway and Sunway City used to be a disused mining area that was completely barren even of greenery.

No prizes for guessing how much a property in either of these townships are worth today.

Choosing the right township for a property investment is even more important as house prices continue to spiral. A badly planned township can turn into a ghost town while a well-planned one continues to grow and cater to future generations.

We ask Malaysians what they want in a township

First and foremost, when you choose to invest in a property, what do you look for?

This is the question we recently asked Malaysians who are in the market to invest in property.

going-out-242812_1280“That means I don’t have to drive two hours to get groceries or find a restaurant.”

Jasmine, 38, married with two schooling children said that for her, choosing a township would include a good school and daily necessities within convenient travelling distance.

On a successful township, she shared that “it must have
less traffic jams and a well-planned public transport infrastructure if the township is situated away from the city.”

As for the developer’s track record, she stressed that it is crucial as “it is important for me not to have to spend more money on correcting defects in the property”.

going-out-242812_1280“My cousin once fell victim to an abandoned housing project. It goes without saying that the reputation of the developer is definitely something I won’t compromise.”

Eddy, who is 32 and still single said that strategic location is key.

“I will never sacrifice the location of the township when buying a property. This is because anything of the property can change for the better over time, but the location never will. Also, location greatly affects the property’s future value, too.”

On connectivity & transportation, he points out that “well-planned road network for both motorists and pedestrians are something basic that a township should have. Also, the distance from the property to main public transportation points are important, too.”

going-out-242812_1280“I look for good facilities like schools, shoplots, hospitals and access to the highway.”

Wai Mun, 37, father to a 3-year-old said, “it is important to consider the developer’ reputation and for me, the rental market in the township is also important.”

“Desapark City is one example of a successful township that comes to mind,” he suggested when asked to define a successful township.

going-out-242812_1280I want to see good amenities such as hospital, clinics, shopping centres, recreation centres, schools, etc.”

Syafiq, 33, unmarried and caring for an elderly parent opined that “it doesn’t matter if it’s a new or matured town, as long as it’s in a good neighbourhood,” when asked what he looks for in a township.

As for a successful township, he defines it as “very well organised development, good public transport, clean environment, low crime rate, good access in/out.”

Recent trends show more investors looking to townships

According to a research by global real estate agency Savills, millennials are choosing townships in the outskirts of the city due to affordability. However, these satellite townships must meet their lifestyle expectations of transport accessibility to remain well-connected to the big city, retail, adequate food & beverages services and not forgetting, high speed internet access.

The report published in March this year further added that millennials look for townships that are self-reliant and provide infrastructures such as schools, shopping mall, hospitals and other facilities for daily necessities, as well as a well-connected infrastructure with public transportation.

As millennials are increasingly the source of reference for businesses to track trends, their choice of townships that are located away from the city is a sign of the growing popularity of townships, especially well-planned ones and they do not have to be located centrally anymore.

Therefore, looking away from the city for a neighbourhood that offers a better environment may be a good idea.

According to a real estate agent, the phenomenon of expanding neighbourhoods towards the suburbs is inevitable.

“With the growth of urban populations; it indeed expedites the rise of suburb hot spots,” Sue-Ann Lim from IQI Global real estate partners tells iMoney.

“With the urbanisation level of 90.8% (as in 2015) among Malaysia states, the urge to urbanise the development of suburbs is no longer a question waiting for an answer.

“Developers are keeping up with the pace of demography changes to cater for the majority home buyers, such as younger bachelors, smaller family size, full facilities, eco-friendly, modern layout with speedy Wi-Fi coverage, etc.,” Sue-Ann added.

The making of a great township

Most suburban townships today are standalone entities with a mix of residential, commercial units along with basic infrastructure such as power, water and drainage with the overall environment putting emphasis on sustainable living.

While the township is outside the city, the keyword is strategic location. The best integrated townships in city suburbs nowadays offer better connectivity to other locations, and the township’s masterplan incorporating infrastructure development helps ensure the continued growth of the township.

Successful townships also have a high liveability potential and possess basic amenities such as convenience stores, medical centres, recreation centres, malls and schools. The proven track record of the developer in completing past phases of the township as well as other projects successfully helps seal the deal for investors.

Serenia City, a 1,775-acre integrated township in Sepang developed by Sime Darby Property is proof that a well-planned township located away from the city is becoming popular among property investors, as shown by the high take up rate for its state-of-the-art green technology zone Cipta Serenia, as well double-story linked homes Serenia Amani being fully sold within three months.

The developer is now launching Serenia Adiva, the latest double storey freehold linked homes in Serenia City.

The well-planned township speaks for itself, offering all the conveniences of a good lifestyle from shopping to education and healthcare facilities nearby.

The following facilities are within reach:

going-out-242812_1280Horizon Village Outlets (HVO), an outlet mall with luxury and casual brands for all your shopping needs, set to open this year.
Nearby local and international schools
SK Sepang (12.9km), SK Jenderam Hilir (11.5km), Little Caliph Dengkil Pre-school (7.5km) and Brainy Bunch Int’l School (20.6km).
going-out-242812_1280Xiamen University Malaysia Campus for tertiary education as well as Inti College Nilai is located nearby.
Access to hospitals and clinics
Putrajaya hospital and Serdang hospital are approximately 18.7km and 28km away respectively.

From the responses given by prospective buyers we spoke to earlier, developers today are seeing a great demand for homes that can provide a holistic living experience from strategic location offering liveable surroundings with ample greenery, but at the same time not neglecting great connectivity.

Serenia City can offer both excellent connectivity and public transportation.

What’s more, investors can rest assured that the township is being built by a developer with a proven track record. Sime Darby Property is the first Malaysian property developer to win the International FIABCI Prix d ’Excellence Awards twice for its Subang Jaya and UEP Subang Jaya townships. On the back of 45-year track record of developing sustainable communities, Sime Darby Property has to date built 23 active townships/developments with a global reach that encompasses assets and operations across the Asia Pacific region and the United Kingdom.

Past projects by the same developer include Subang Jaya, Bukit Jelutong, Bandar Bukit Raja, Putra Heights, USJ Heights, Taman Melawati and Ara Damansara

From residential to retail, recreational or commercial, everything is here in Serenia City. The township’s second phase, Serenia Adiva will be launched on 29 September 2018 so mark this date to check out what is on offer.

Interested in Serenia City? Register your interest and visit Sime Darby Property for more information today.

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