Living Costs & Education Among Top Budget 2018 Categories

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Living costs and education are among the top five categories for Budget 2018, said the Prime Minister’s Office in a statement today.

It said together with housing and urban living, employment, as well as taxation, business and finance, these were the top five categories voted during the Budget polling campaign, which took place from September 25 to October 6.

PMO added that the government also received a total of 13,837 suggestions from the public for the upcoming Budget through a separate poll that ended September 18.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will present Budget 2018 on Friday, October 27, at 3.30pm.

Malaysian can follow the live streaming of the tabling on his official website or on Najib’s Facebook and YouTube page. Highlights of the speech will also be tweeted live on Twitter.


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