You Can Now Invest In ASNB Funds Using TNG eWallet

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TNG Digital Sdn. Bhd. (TNGD) has just announced a new partnership with Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB). This makes Touch ‘n Go eWallet the first and only eWallet to offer investments in ASNB unit trusts for Malaysians.

Malaysians will be able to subscribe to all 17 ASNB unit trusts through the GOinvest feature in the eWallet. This will complement the nine existing unit trusts that can currently be accessed via GOinvest.

Existing ANSB users will now have the convenience to access ASNB unit trusts from the comfort of their own homes.

Users can make new investments at their convenience

Users can also check their portfolio performance, and make new investments anytime, anywhere. New users can also access this convenient feature with their eWallet once they complete the easy online registration via the MyASNB app. 

“The introduction of ASNB to our growing financial services portfolio aligns with our commitment towards digital inclusion and making financial investment accessible for everyone. With a relatively low risk and long-term investment instrument, our users can save and invest with a consistent and competitive return on investment through ASNB.

“With an incredibly low minimum initial investment of just RM10, over 12 million ASNB unit holders can now effortlessly invest through GOInvest in the Touch ‘n Go eWallet. This innovative partnership further diversifies GOinvest’s offerings to a total of 26 unit trusts that caters to different risk appetites, while making online investments convenient and affordable for the masses,” said Alan Ni, Chief Executive Officer of TNGD.

“ASNB aims to position itself as the advisor of choice, while simultaneously democratising financial advice by making it accessible to all. This has led to the implementation of pivotal initiatives within our advisory, products, and channels, driving our transformation journey.

“We are committed to this mission as we seek to maximise all available channels to provide fast and convenient service to deliver a better overall user experience,” added Muzzaffar Othman, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director of ASNB.

What you do with ASNB on TNG eWallet

The key features of ASNB on Touch ‘n Go eWallet include: 

  1. Access to existing ASNB account: Check total investment, view breakdown of ASNB unit trusts, including unit purchases for both Fixed Price Funds and Variable Price Funds, and review the last five transactions for each invested fund. 
  2. Access to dependents’ account: View the list of funds invested for dependent(s) and the corresponding unit purchases for both Fixed Price Funds and Variable Price Funds. Check the most recent five transactions for each previously invested fund. 
  3. Subscription to new funds: Easily subscribe to new funds for both your own account and dependents’.
  4. Investment in existing funds: Conveniently invest in existing funds for both your own account and dependents’.

Fixed or variable price funds

The ASNB unit trusts are available to all Malaysians and are broken down into two fund categories: Fixed Price Funds and Variable Price Funds.

The 17 ASNB funds offered through GOinvest in the Touch ‘n Go eWallet are as follows:

Fixed Price FundsVariable Price Funds
Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB)
Amanah Saham Bumiputera 2 (ASB 2)
Amanah Saham Bumiputera 3 Didik (ASB 3 Didik)
Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM)
Amanah Saham Malaysia 2 – Wawasan (ASM 2 Wawasan)
Amanah Saham Malaysia 3 (ASM 3)
Amanah Saham Nasional (ASN)
ASN Equity 2
ASN Equity 3
ASN Equity 5
ASN Equity Global
ASN Imbang 1
ASN Imbang 2
ASN Imbang 3 Global
ASN Sara 1
ASN Sara 2
ASN Sukuk

“As Malaysians’ preferred eWallet for daily transactions, we are committed to continuous innovation that will redefine banking, whilst providing seamless, safe, and reliable financial solutions that are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our users.

“Evident through strong partnerships such as this with ASNB, we are progressively building a suite of financial products and services, which include investments, insurance, lending, and payment solutions, that will add value and provide financial empowerment to our users,” said Ni.

“This partnership provides the opportunity for financial inclusion and empowers individuals from all walks of life to secure their financial futures. This is also part of our mandate to ensure that every Malaysian has access to affordable and sustainable investment opportunities. Together, we will redefine convenience, accessibility, and financial empowerment. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation will drive us forward on this exciting path,” added Muzzaffar.

‘Labur Online Laju’ (LOL) cashback campaign

In conjunction with the launch, TNGD and ASNB are running a ‘Labur Online Laju’ (LOL) cashback campaign. This will take place between 16 August to 30 September 2023. Users who subscribe to ASNB Investment GOinvest in the Touch ‘n Go eWallet will get cashback. These cashback rewards consist of two tiers:

  • Tier 1: Users will receive RM1 Cashback when they invest RM10 in any ASNB Unit Trust.
  • Tier 2: Users will receive an additional RM10 Bonus Cashback when they invest more than RM500 in any Variable Price Fund.

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