RM7 Million Raised In 24 Hours To Curb Government Debt

RM7 Million Raised In 24 Hours To Curb Government Debt

The newly-launched government initiative, Tabung Harapan, collected a whooping RM7.08 million within 24 hours after it launched.

The fund, which relies on the generosity of Malaysians, was launched in a bid to combat the government’s national debt of RM1 trillion.

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said the ministry was humbled by the kindness of Malaysians who have been channelling funds to Tabung Harapan, which was set up after Malaysians expressed they wanted to contribute to the country’s debt issue.

He had compared the effort to the late 1990s where South Koreans donated their gold items to settle their debts during the Asian financial crisis.

However, scammers have taken advantage of the fund, as several posters with a fake account number have circulated on social media. The official account number for the trust fund is 5660 1062 6452 and donations can only be made in ringgit.

It is advised you double check the account number and name before making a donation. Contributors are also advised to keep their receipts as the donations will be exempted from tax.

The ministry will update the donation figures on their website and social media platforms.


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