Survey: Malaysians Are Most Concerned About Money

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A recent survey by the International Islamic University Malaysia found that most Malaysians are contented with their well-being, but are most concerned about issues that affect their finances.

“Overall, Malaysians are contented with their well-being, with 78% satisfied in their relationships with other people and 74% satisfied with their health,” said Prof Datuk Seri Dr Syed Arabi Idid who led the public opinion study.

The study that was conducted from March to April, found that Malaysians are worried about issues such as household income, housing, employment and personal safety.

However, the people’s well-being has seen some improvement on the back of Government’s initiatives to address housing and livelihood.

A portion of the population from all three major ethnicities reported dissatisfaction with their employment situation and household income.

“One reason is that many Malays still live in the Malay heartland or the rural area, so the high cost of living is not hitting them too badly. It is the urban folk who are feeling the pinch,” he said.

The Indian community recorded the highest dissatisfaction level overall due to the economic problems that are prevalent in the community after being relocated from the estates.

“Hopefully, the recently launched Malaysian Indian Blueprint can help address some of the issues affecting the community,” he added.

Despite deeper concerns over cost of living, many Malaysians still eat out, with 57% reporting that they had eaten at a Malay stall, and 44% opting for fast food, when asked if they had “eaten at a restaurant last week”.

The public study polled some 1,326 people nationwide, aged 21 to more than 51, and were randomly sampled based on age, gender, race and whether they are registered voters in the location.


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