Survey Shows Malaysian Mobile Gamers Prefer To Pay With eWallets

Survey Shows Malaysian Mobile Gamers Prefer To Pay With eWallets

Are there differences between East and West mobile gamers? According to a survey conducted by Coda Payments, there are some key differences when it comes to spending and mobile gaming.

Coda conducted the research in June 2023 with over 3,600 respondents across countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, and Malaysia.

The research revealed that gamers in the East, such as Malaysia and the Phillippines, still prefer using eWallets to pay for their gaming habits. While in the West, credit and debit cards dominate as the preferred payment method among gamers.

Additionally, the amount that gamers from the East are willing to pay for their gaming is much lower compared to gamers from the West.

On average, West gamers spend about USD 72.47 (around RM343) per month, while East gamers spend less than half of that amount at USD 30.70 (around RM145) per month.

The stronger currency of the West, such as the USD, compared to our Malaysians Ringgit also means that their dollars go further in the West and makes it more affordable for them to make in-game purchases.

Despite the differences, there is one major similarity between East and West gamers. In that, almost all (90%) gamers say that they are willing to pay for in-game purchases.

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