Khazanah: Stop Subsidising Housing For T20


National strategic investment fund Khazanah has urged the government to discontinue subsidised housing programmes for high-income earners.

According to Suraya Ismail, director of research at Khazanah Research Institute, housing assistance programmes have now reached the top 20% income-earners of households.

“It’s too much burden on the government, fiscally,” Suraya told reporters at a forum on low-cost housing organised by Khazanah.

According to Statistics Department data, the income threshold for households are: bottom 40% (B40) below RM3,860; middle 40% (M40), RM3,861-RM8,319; and top 20% (T20), RM8,320 and above.

“In no other country does the top 20% get assistance from the government. We shouldn’t do that,” she added.


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