SIA Offers US$10K Compensation To Injured Passengers

flight turbulence

Singapore Airlines have recently announced that it has offered compensation to passengers that have been hurt during a flight from London to Singapore last month.

The flight experienced violent turbulence which resulted in multiple injuries and one death. Some of the injured patients are still undergoing treatment at a Bangkok Hospital for spinal cord, head and muscle injuries.

US$10,000 payout for passengers with minor injuries

According to Reuters, passengers with minor injuries have been offered US$10,000 (approx. RM46,742). Those with more serious injuries were given the option of discussing offers with the carrier to meet specific needs.

“Passengers medically assessed as having sustained serious injuries, requiring long-term medical care, and requesting financial assistance are offered an advance payment of US$25,000 (approx. RM117,937) to address their immediate needs,” that will form part of any final settlement, the airline said.

Currently, 11 passengers that were injured on the flight are still being treated at a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

The unfortunate victim who passed away was a 73-year-old passenger that suffered a suspected heart attack. Flight SQ321 encountered what the airline described as sudden, extreme turbulence while flying over Myanmar . The incident injured dozens of passengers and prompted the pilots to divert the aircraft to Bangkok.

Passengers said crew and those not strapped in left the floor or their seats and slammed into the cabin ceiling, cracking it in places.

Airline to refund the cost of tickets for all passengers

Singapore Airlines said it would refund passengers’ airfares and compensate them for the delay in line with European Union or British regulations covering their tickets.

The Montreal Convention makes airlines liable for physical injuries from accidents on international flights, which can include turbulence, regardless of whether they were negligent.

If passengers file a lawsuit, the airline cannot contest damages up to about US$175,000 (approx. RM825,562). However, if the passengers seek greater compensation, Singapore Airlines can try to limit liability by proving it took all necessary measures to avoid the turbulence.

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