3 Reasons It’s Easier To Sell Your Car Online

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Ask any seasoned petrol-head and he or she will tell you that selling a used car is cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating.

However, as this is the age of the Internet, selling your car is now easier. Heck, we even chronicled a person’s DIY journey to get rid of his aged auto quickly and how he was able to net a five-figure purse from his efforts.

But, if you are still hesitant to take the leap, here are three reasons you should consider selling your car online:

Better reach

According to the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA), more than 21 million Malaysians are Internet users and it is estimated that digital revenue will rise to RM1.5 million this year.

Now you can tap that large pool of people simply through placing an advertisement on the Internet. In fact, there is no better time than now as more and more Malaysians plug in to social media through their mobile phones.

Though there are many retail sites available on the World Wide Web for Malaysians, it is always best to choose a platform that is specifically for car buyers, such as Carlist.my.

So, what you are getting here is guaranteed a wider audience base.

According to Similar Web, Carlist.my brings in about 1.2 million of total visits in the past six months. That’s a huge pool of buyers that you can tap into – without even leaving your seat.

Easy sell

Gone are the days where you are restricted to an ad in a local newspaper or auto magazine listing.

With online advertising, you can reach the masses without burning a hole in your wallet. Carlist.my allows you to post an ad for free, or if you would like to boost your ad for a quicker sale, you can purchase an ad package from as low as RM100 to RM138.

It’s like using a second-hand dealer but with better margins.

Also, you have more choices to market your car, such as posting pictures of parts such as the engine, front grille, and interior dashboard. Like the popular saying goes: Flaunt what you have. If you have a sexy set of rims, this is the time to flaunt them to your potential buyers.

The online real estate is a place for serious business.

To generate buzz around your ad, you need to take good pictures of your car.

Ensure that whatever you display or claim are genuine and interesting.

Avoid clichés such as “showroom feel” or “best condition”.

Consider paying a little if you need to bump your list to the top. This provides you a better visibility, meaning a faster sale.

More control

The typical route to sell your car is through a dealer. It was also one of the easiest ways because the dealer would pay you in cash while saving you the trouble of transfer-time and all the other cumbersome activities involved.

Ultimately, we need a dealer as he or she will take a car even if it is riddled with problems. But such convenience comes with a price: they will knock down the price of your car so that they can resell it and make a profit.

This reason prompts a lot of owners to sell their cars directly but besides fetching better prices, there is the rise of more time and effort. Think: that abandoned car in the parking lot with “For Sale” signage on the front window. It can get that bad.

But with online selling, you can post up ads and boost your ads when necessary to expedite the selling process. You get better control of your sale compared to just selling to the dealer or with traditional advertising on the newspaper.

This gives you a better shot at luring a wider group of potential customers to your ad. You will also be able to net a higher price for your car.

Want to know how to put a price on your automobile? Follow these two steps:

  • Check your car’s insured value through sites such as MyCarInfo.
  • Comb through my where its price guide can help you get an idea of how much others are pricing a car of similar make and condition to yours.

But watch out for scammers

Like anything sales-related, there are always those too-good-to-be-true moments and this applies whether you are buyer or seller.

If you are seller, then be careful of offers which are too good to refuse. Some would even go to the extent of getting in touch with you and even deposit a certain amount in your PayPal account just to show how serious they are.

Safety tips for the seller

Document everything. Keep records of phone numbers, names and other information. This helps if an investigation is required down the road.

Meet in a public place. If you want to verify the buyer, then avoid meeting at your residence.

Block out personal information. If you give a buyer service records, block personal information such as credit card numbers, phone numbers or other information that could lead to identity theft.

Use your best judgment. In most cases, if you think it is a scam, it probably is. Instead of jumping at the first offer, it is best to be patient and wait for the right buyer to come along.

Selling your car online not only allows you more control over how the sale is done and the price you are comfortable with, it also lets you react quicker to enquiries and offers. This will ultimately expedite the process.

You don’t have to deal with too many individuals while selling your car on the Carlist.my platform – making it easier, simpler and safer as you’ll be able to avoid scammers. It’s just like selling your vehicle to a used car dealers, except with better margin. Selling your car off quickly and conveniently will let purchase your next car sooner.

For that purpose, you will find the Carlist.my app on Google Play and Apple App Store a convenient option for you to shop for cars.

The app categorises the cars from verified and trusted dealers according to make and model, price, year, state and even mileage! If you see a car that you like, simply call or drop a message to the seller to arrange for a test drive.

Buying and selling a car have been made a whole lot simple and easier with car listing sites with app, like Carlist.my.

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