School Bus Fares Expected To Increase

School Bus Fares Expected To Increase

The Federation of School Bus Associations has warned parents that the fare for a school bus is expected to increase during the commencement of the new schooling term.

According to the federation’s president, Amali Munif Rahmat, the expected hike is due to the rise in operating costs and maintenance fees, especially for the operators in the Klang Valley.

In a report from Sinar Harian, Amali stated that one of the prevailing factors forcing a fee increase for school buses is the expensive maintenance costs, due to the fact that most buses get their spare parts flown in from overseas. 

Since 2015, the government has ceased to regulate school bus fares, which allowed school bus operators full autonomy on setting their fares.

As expected, the news of an impending increase of school bus fares have not gone well with the parents, with most of them asking for proper justification for it.

In a report from Berita Harian, the head of Sekolah Kebangsaan Bangsar’s PTA, Mohd Yazid Mohd Yasin has said that parents’ are not against the price increase, but it needs to come with proper justification.

“We understand that the cost of living is increasing, and we want to cooperate with them but they have to ensure that they are providing us with the best service,” he said.

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