Save On Travelling When You Balik Kampung This Raya


With the Malaysian balik kampung tradition every festive period, we can expect a major exodus back to hometowns this coming Hari Raya as it’s the best time to reconnect and strengthen ties with relatives and friends.

But going back to hometown doesn’t always come cheap these days, with subsidy rationalisation on petrol and high toll rates. We ought to save as much as we can and make the best out of our expenses on our ride back home. Here are five details that we may look into to make the best out of our journey (in monetary terms!).


1) Your cards

For those who are planning to drive back to their hometown, the major money drainers will most likely be petrol and toll expenses. The prices of petrol and tolls are beyond our control, but we can try to optimise our expenses in both areas to get maximum returns. With appropriate cards, you can do just that.

There are a number of petrol credit cards out there that can make the most out of your petrol spending. With the right card for your usage, you can get substantial cash backs, reward points and other value-added benefits when you make petrol purchases.

A 10% cash back petrol card can save you RM6 for every RM60 worth of petrol. That’s a lot when you zip up and down that highway in a traffic jam!

As for tolls, you can apply for a PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go card with just RM10 to obtain valuable rebates (from 5% to 20%*) and other privileges.

Driving from Kulai, Johor to Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah can easily cost you RM104.30. With 5% rebate from using the PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go card, you can save more than RM5 each way.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of going back by air instead this Raya, there are also cards for you to earn air miles. One such card is the Standard Chartered WorldMiles Card. If you have been using Miles card, consider redeeming your flight back to kampung using your points!

2) Your forethoughts

It is always best to plan ahead whenever the journey is a long one, particularly during major celebrations. With terrible traffic congestion, possible road accidents and high costs to be incurred, the trip back home can be very exhausting.

Take some time to organise and familiarise yourself with alternative routes before hitting the road. If you are a smartphone user, you can also equip yourself with a free navigation app like Waze and get alerted to an upcoming traffic jam then navigate your journey through shorter and faster routes.

Saving precious minutes (and sometimes hours) on the road also mean saving precious fuel on your journey!

3) Your alternatives

If you are opting for other modes of transportation such as, buses, planes or trains, you should always look out for promotional offers earlier. There are usually promotions during festive seasons and Hari Raya should not be an exception. Always purchase your tickets or place your bookings early to avoid paying for expensive last minute tickets or worse, not getting a place at all!

Though you have to purchase your ticket in advance, some of these options can be cheaper than driving back to your hometown – saving on parking, fuel and tolls. You’ll also be able to save time and energy too as you’ve avoided the hassle of driving yourself.

If you are taking the flight home, which is quickly becoming popular these days with the emergence of budget airlines, you can compare flight tickets to find one that suits your travel preferences and budget.

Another less considered option is to carpool. If you are travelling alone and coincidentally, you know some acquaintances who are heading the same direction, why not tag along with them and offer to split the costs? Definitely, you would be able to save on time, money and energy, and if you ever got stuck in traffic, you have your friends as company.

4) Your car

One of the main things that you need to give attention to is your car if you are driving. No doubt, car services can be pricey these days but if you know where to look, you can probably find and grab a car service promotion that is discounted and created specifically to make sure your car is ready for the drive back.

It is also important to note that the way you are driving can help you achieve optimal gas mileage. By driving sensibly, observing the speed limit, and reducing unnecessary weight can ensure efficient fuel economy for your journey.  Not only will it keep you safe but it’ll help you avoid getting recorded by the AES which can slap you with hefty penalties which will easily negate all your money saving efforts!

With these four areas to look into, you can surely be able to save a sum at the end of your trip. Have a safe journey and a memorable Raya back at home!


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