Roam Like A Champion While On Holiday

Roam Like A Champion While On Holiday


Vacations. Everybody loves the idea of getting away – recharge those batteries and take a break from your hectic daily life.

We want to share our experiences travelling with all our friends, right there and then! That calls for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook which means you need data on the go. Of course, with modern technology, you no longer have to wait till you get back to upload a huge chunk of photos you can do it as you’re travelling.

Whether you need a connection while on-the-go or want to power up your travel experience with Wi-Fi, here’s the sweetest mobile data deal so you can roam like a champion and be prepared for anything, anytime, anywhere!

Roam freely without racking up a monstrous phone bill

Dining in that world-famous Michelin-starred restaurant that everyone back home has been talking so much about? Or are you visiting iconic landmarks like the Big Ben or Tower Bridge? Wherever you’re going, you would want to share your fun holiday snaps with your family and friends!

And with today’s culture of instant gratification, no Snapchat-worthy photo or video should have to wait for the availability of Wi-Fi!

However, without the right data services, uploading or downloading images or videos can cost a bomb and not every country has Wi-Fi available when you’re out and about.

If your camera takes 8-megapixel photos (like on an iPhone), then it’ll take roughly 1.5MB to upload an image, while general Facebook browsing use up about 2MB per minute. All this can add up pretty quickly when you’re out exploring all day.

With an affordable data roaming plan, you won’t have to worry about having no Wi-Fi or stress out about a monstrous phone bill when you get home.

As we mentioned in a previous article, you can use U Mobile’s Data BackpackTM package, which lets you use your own data quota overseas for FREE in these 12 travel destinations.

However, you do need to be on a specific plan to get access to the backpack but even if you’re not, U Mobile does offer a daily paid option that’s still way cheaper than the competition.

Always roam for less

If you’re not on U Mobile’s Data BackpackTM plan, you can still roam at the LOWEST rate in the market or one-third of the average data roaming cost of just RM10 when you sign up for U Mobile’s U Data Roam 10. The plan is applicable in the following 12 overseas destinations:


It’s cheaper than what most other telcos are offering right now, so you can stay connected and find your way to that famous bar in London, or while scaling the Great Wall of China! Planning to travel further to places in the Far East or in Europe? U Mobile has another value-for-money data roaming package, the U Data Roam 36. Like its namesake, you pay just RM36 per day for unlimited data roaming in 15 travel destinations listed here.

By having two different packages for different set of countries, U Mobile users can make significant savings in their roaming charges. Other telcos are offering roaming at about RM38 a day worldwide, and this only includes about 500MB of data for some of these packages.

To make the deal even sweeter, both roaming packages from U Mobile come with unlimited data!

Both U Data Roam 10 and U Data Roam 36 are applicable for all prepaid and postpaid plan subscribers. U data Roam 10 isn’t applicable for those on the P70, i90, i130, UD95 or UD135 plans since they’ll get the U Mobile Data BackpackTM instead.

Travel abroad with peace of mind

Most people go on vacation to get some peace of mind, and the only way to truly have that is knowing that everything is running smoothly even in your absence. One way to ensure that is of course, by staying connected with people back home.

The best about U Mobile’s roaming plans is that it gives you the option of a much lower data roaming fee for countries you may be travelling more frequently to. Other providers have fixed rates no matter where you go. This allows you to budget better on your travels.

The other great part? It’s unlimited data roaming so you don’t have to limit your photo sharing go ahead and post as many videos and 360 pictures as you want.

Never fear for your data while travelling ever again.

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