Don’t Let Your Phone Bill Drive Your Travel Cost Up!

Don’t Let Your Phone Bill Drive Your Travel Cost Up!

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Using your smartphone overseas can result in an eye-popping phone bill when you get home.  Of course, to save yourself the trouble of a potential financial calamity, you could switch off your mobile data when you travel, but who are we kidding? We are Malaysians!

So, what most people do is, buy a local SIM card at wherever they are, and switch it. But you’ll be practically uncontactable on your Malaysian number unless you’re using a dual SIM phone.

International calls and SMSes can quickly use up your local prepaid credit and having no credit is as good as turning off your mobile phone.

Luckily, more and more Malaysian telcos are now rolling out wallet-friendly pay-per-day data roaming packages, so you don’t have to worry about buying multiple SIM cards when you are visiting a few countries, or missing emergency calls from home when you are travelling.

Here’s why getting data roaming package can be your saviour while you are travelling:

Time and tide wait for no Wi-Fi

We all want to live in the now, especially when we are gallivanting in a new city, whether for business or leisure. No Instagram-worthy photos can (or should) wait for the availability of Wi-Fi.

However, posting images or downloading an important work email with attachment on your mobile phone without the right data services can spell O-U-C-H to your wallet. Remember, not every country has Wi-Fi available everywhere you go.

Depending on your camera setting, uploading an image takes up approximately 1.5MB, while checking emails can take up about 50kb per message, and can easily add up if you are downloading heavy attachments from your emails.

With an affordable data roaming package, you won’t have to constantly look for Wi-Fi, or worse, worry about how much your phone bill is going to be when the fun ends.

Take a step in the right direction

Exploring a new place can be exhilarating, but also intimidating, especially if you have zero sense of direction. But thank your lucky stars, with Waze and Google Maps, you don’t have to waste your time getting lost, and instead spend your precious time making wonderful memories during your holiday.

With all this, you can even drive around in a new city like a local. By default, these apps are online apps, and may not perform well if you don’t have live Internet connection.

The last thing you want is to be stranded in a godforsaken place with no Internet and no idea how to find your way (especially if you don’t speak the language!).

Constant connectivity where you are

A vacation is ultimately giving your mind a break from stress and worry, hence having the peace of mind to really enjoy yourself is the key to a successful vacation.

The only way to be truly at peace and free is in knowing everything is running smooth with your absence, whether at work or at home. One way to ensure that is to stay connected with people back home.

So, data is important wherever you are. Here’s how to keep it cheap!

Currently, unlimited data roaming packages offered by major telcos in Malaysia average around RM29 per day, the highest being RM38 a day, and most of them are not offering unlimited data.

If you are on abroad for five days, that could add up to RM145 (RM29 average x 5 days) on average and that does not include the monthly mobile plan bill!

Save that money for your holiday because U Mobile now allows you to use your own data quota overseas for FREE!

All principal and member lines of P70, i90, i130, UD95 or UD135 plans will get to roam with their own data quota for FREE in 12 overseas destinations with U Mobile’s Data Backpack package.

The U Mobile Data Backpack package is a promotion that runs until December 31, 2016 and there’s no additional charges when you roam in the following 12 countries:

tables_#1 (1)

If you are not on these plans, you can still roam at the cheapest rate in the market.

Pay about one-third of the average data roaming cost with U Data Roam 10, and get unlimited data roaming. This is applicable in 12 overseas destinations, including popular travel spots like Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand!

Comparing to other major telcos in Malaysia, RM10 a day is pretty sweet:

tables_#2 (1)

If you are not travelling to the above 12 countries, U Mobile has another data roaming package, the U Data Roam 36 for the following 15 countries for just RM36 a day:

tables_#3 (1)

It is still cheaper than what other telcos are offering right now, so you can stay connected whether you are having a pint in Ireland, scaling the Great Wall of China, or savouring some sweet scones in the UK.

Both U Data Roam 10 and U Data Roam 36 are applicable for all prepaid and postpaid plan subscribers (apart from P70, i90, i130, UD95 or UD135).

How do I sign-up?

If you have not activated international roaming, you may do so at the nearest U Mobile outlet or by calling them at 1318.


The coolest part about U Mobile’s data roaming packages (besides the super affordable rates) is that they do not require any manual subscription or signups.

You will simply be prompted with an SMS upon arrival at any of the destinations mentioned above and can instantly enjoy free internet roaming.

Make sure you manually select the U Mobile roaming operator for the country that you’re in to enjoy the free offer. Otherwise, you will be charged for a hefty pay-as-you-go rate.

Daily roaming charges are calculated by the day starting from 12am to 11.59pm local time according to the country’s capital city.

How to select your preferred roaming operators when you’re overseas for Android and iOS users

For Android users:



Source: U Mobile

For iOS users:


Source: U Mobile

The experience of being able to use your mobile phone when you’re travelling overseas without fear of racking up a huge bill is not just liberating, it is also comforting knowing that your family and friends can still reach out to you in the face of emergency.

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