Local White Rice Special Programme To Ensure Stability Of Local Supply

Local White Rice Special Programme To Ensure Stability Of Local Supply

Rice industry players of all shapes and sizes, including rice millers, wholesalers, and retailers, have all reiterated their commitment to implementing the Local White Rice Special Programme (PKBPT).

This programme will be implemented throughout the nation in order to ensure the stability of white rice supply in the market. This effort was announced by the agriculture and food security ministry (MAFS) in a recent statement.

The statement revealed that the issue was agreed upon during an engagement session between the ministry and national rice industry players in Putrajaya. Said meeting was helled to discuss in detail the local white rice supply and the increase in price of imported white rice.

Next phase to be implemented 15 September

PKBPT is being implemented in two phases starting on 8 and 15 September. During this time, millers will increase local white rice production by about 20% for the domestic market for a period of one year.

“This intervention is aimed at ensuring that the local white rice supply can meet the needs of consumers and guarantee the stability of its supply in the market,” the ministry said following the engagement session which was attended and chaired by its secretary-general, Lokman Hakim Ali.

According to Bernama, the engagement session was also attended by representatives from the domestic trade and cost of living ministry, the Federal Agricultural Marketing Board (Fama), the Farmers Organisation Authority (LPP), Padiberas Nasional Bhd (Bernas), as well as five major rice wholesalers and 11 hypermarkets.

Ministry to ensure supply to vulnerable target groups

The agriculture ministry also said that via the PKBPT, Fama and LPP will also be involving themselves in the distribution of local white rice to select target groups, especially to areas which lack extensive infrastructure and supermarkets.

For the moment, the ministry will continue to monitor the situation and enforce the programme through the Padi and Rice Control Authority.

MAFS previously held talks with supermarkets on 20 July 2023, rice millers and rice wholesalers on 28 August 2023, and the Budget 2024 Dialogue Session for the national padi and rice sub-sectors on 7 September.

Bernama reported that the issues regarding the lack of rice supply and the increasing price of imported rice was raised by Members of Parliament on the second day of the debate on the Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) in the Dewan Rakyat today.

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