Touch ‘n Go Confirms RFID Do Not Expire

Touch ‘n Go Confirms RFID Do Not Expire

Touch n’ Go (TnG) has recently released a statement reaffirming RFID tag owners that there is no expiry date on their tags.

There was some misinformation that was being spread around saying that RFID tags would expire on 31 January 2024.

Touch n’ Go has reiterated that this information is false.

TnG RFID expiry

Will tags issued to pilot users of Touch ‘n go RFID expire?

To clarify, TnG recently ran a campaign to refresh pilot users of RFID tags, especially those that have suffered wear and tear over time. They were offering brand new RFID tags via a special promotion.

Pilot users are among the first early adopters of RFID tags back in 2018. These pilot users who opted into this promotion would receive brand new tags.

Their old tags would be deregistered by 31 January 2024 to ensure that there would not be two RFID tags registered to one vehicle. This is where some of the confusion and misinformation stems from. 

Enhanced Touch ‘n Go card with NFC will expire in 7 years

However, the TnG NFC  card does have an expiry date. If you didn’t know yet, this card has a 7 years lifespan.  This means if you purchased your card in 2023, it will expire in 2030. Meanwhile, the older non-NFC TnG card has a 10 years lifespan.

This is not to be confused with the RFID tag. Those who choose not to opt into this special promotion will not have to do anything. Their pilot RFID tags will continue to function normally. As such, pilot tag owners do not need to worry; neither is it necessary to opt in for this promotion.

TnG has also updated their website with the following statement for its RFID users. “The Touch ‘n Go RFID tag does not have an expiry date and will continue to function as long as it has been fitted properly and has been well maintained by the user,” TnG stated.

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