Retrenched Workers Reminded To Make Use Of EIS Benefits


Retrenched workers should make use of the Employment Insurance System (EIS), says Deputy Human Resource Minister Datuk Mahfuz Omar.

The EIS, also known as PERKESO, is set up to help retrenched workers get on with the daily lives until they find a new job. Under EIS, retrenched workers are entitled to benefits in the form of cash allowances for a maximum of three months.

EIS covers forced resignation, retrenchment, resignation due to an employer’s failure to comply with the terms of contract, resignation due to sexual harassment at the workplace and closure of the company or factory.

“So far, more than 27,400 workers have received their EIS interim benefit,” Datuk Mahfuz Omar said while at a ceremony to present full-fledged EIS benefits to 25 people who were retrenched this month.

If retrenched or forced to resigned, Datuk Mahfuz Omar encouraged those affected to go to any of the 54 nationwide offices of the Social Security Organisation (Socso) nationwide or apply online. Applications have to be filed within 60 days from the day one is retrenched.

 As of Dec 14, 22,268 workers have applied for the benefits of EIS. He also noted that Socso had given out RM16.45mil in interim benefits.
“If we look at job categories, clerical support staff were among the highest who were laid off with 4,089 people (18.4%),” Datuk Mahfuz said.

“Next is sales and services employees at 3,807 people (17.1%) and professionals at 3,671 people (16.5%),” he added.


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