You Can Now Buy Your My50 And MyCity Pass Online

MRT travel pass

Rapid KL has just recently announced that the My50 unlimited travel pass and the MyCity 1-day and 3-day pass can now be purchased online. You can now purchase them through the use of the MyRapid Pulse application.

This is a massive boon for daily commuters as it will eliminate the hassle of having to go over to a physical Rapid KL counter at rail stations or bus hubs.  It will remove the hassle of fighting the crowds at the customer service office to purchase these passes.

How to purchase the passes

Apart from the aforementioned physical stores, you can now purchase the passes online, directly from the MyRapid Pulse application.

The application can be downloaded at the Apple App store or Google Play store. Alternatively, you could also get them from the online MyRapid Shop.

MyCity My40 Rapid KL travel pass

Source: Rapid KL

Introduced in 2019, the My50 is an unlimited travel pass that offers 30 consecutive days of unlimited rides. You can use them on Rapid KL LRT, MRT, monorail, BRT, Rapid KL bus and MRT feeder bus services in the Klang Valley.

On the other hand, the MyCity pass offers holders unlimited rides on Rapid KL rail and bus services over a short term. They are valid for a single day (RM5) or three days (RM15). Currently, both the My50 and MyCity travel passes are only available to Malaysians.

The catch

There is a pretty major caveat when it comes to purchasing these passes online. According to the Rapid KL online sales FAQ, you are required to activate your online passes at a customer service counter before it can be used. As you may have noticed, this defeats the purpose of actually purchasing the passes online in the first place.

We are currently unsure if this is an oversight, but there are several plausible reasons as to why this is being handled this way.

For one, the My50 and MyCity passes are only offered to Malaysians. As such, there might not be a way to verify the nationality of the user without being at a physical customer service location.

Additionally, the passes are still working off the Touch ‘n Go system. System limitations may mean it might not be possible to activate the pass unless it is physically there. While many might wish to be able to pay for transport fares with their eWallets or credit/debit cards, most RapidKL rail and bus services still only use Touch ‘n Go for payments.

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