Rakuten Trade Offers Rebates For Day Trading

Rakuten Trade Offers Rebates For Day Trading

Independence, control, and lower fees are not the only benefits of using Rakuten Trade. Sweetening the deal further, the company also has a day trade rebate programme.

What happens here is that successfully matched contra brokerage trades for the same company on the same day will receive a rebate on the brokerage fees. This means that the customer can use the rebate funds to make even more investments.

Of course, there is no double dipping on rewards as customers in the rebate programme do not earn Rakuten Trade Points.

Rewarding your online trading with Rakuten Trade (RT) Points

Under Rakuten Trade, every RM2 spent on brokerage fees earns 1 RT Point, which can then be converted into loyalty points for any of Rakuten Trade’s lifestyle affiliates and used to access discounts at retail outlets, restaurants, and even flights.

Additionally, clients can earn rewards by simply interacting with the platform. RT Points can be earned when cash is deposited, shares transferred from other brokers, referring friends, and when the first successfully matched trade is executed.


As if simply being rewarded points for investing is not good enough, you can get even more with the following campaigns:

  • Earn bonus AirAsia BIG Points
    • Until the end of September, all Contra account holders will receive 688 bonus AirAsia BIG Points if they make a minimum of six transactions in a week.
    • This bonus can be claimed multiple times; all that is required is to meet the minimum number of transactions each week.
  • Free Lazada vouchers to open an account
    • New clients can double dip the rewards when they sign up and claim a RM40 voucher for Lazada plus 250 RT Points for each account opened (Cash Upfront and Contra Trading).

This allows for up to RM80 in vouchers plus 500 RT Points to be claimed. To qualify, the new accounts should specify that they found out about Rakuten Trade through the Lazada Malaysia promotion when signing up.

If you are still on the fence about investing, the perks of lower brokerage fees, in addition to earning rebates and reward points offered by Rakuten Trade should easily tip you over to becoming an investor. There’s no reason you can’t give it a head start with a small amount to see if this is something that you could be good at.

For more information visit Rakuten Trade’s website

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